How does being a Care Professional with Home Instead fit in with having a family and school life?

Our Care Professional, Lauren, tell us why it’s a fantastic role for her!

Have your kids gone back to school recently? Perhaps you’ve got older children ready to ‘fly the nest’ or head off to University. At Home Instead, we have the perfect role to fit in with family life and filling up those spare hours.

You can do something meaningful and build new relationships whilst being there for the important family stuff. Our Care Professional, Lauren, shares how the role works for her…

How did you find out about Home Instead and what drew you to apply?

I saw on social media there was a call for people to apply and I liked the look of the advert. I realised that I had lots of skills from previous work experience which I could use in the Care Professional role. 

I have previously volunteered for charities, been on a placement with my counselling course and I have worked in a prison with the family support service. So being a Care Professional seemed like a great role for me! I really enjoy helping other people.

How does the role fit in with home life and having children?

The role is really flexible and you can pick and choose the hours/days you would like to work. This is all part of the recruitment process. At the beginning of September when I joined, my daughter was starting school so I needed something that could fit around school hours. This role has really hit the mark and fits in perfectly with having a family. I’m always around for pick-ups and drop offs which is great.

Do you find you still have time to enjoy family life?

Yes – I’ve opted to work 4 days a week and this also gives me one extra day to do any chores that need doing round the home. I have plenty of free time to spend with my daughter and so we can do family things. It’s really nice having that free time and being able to choose my hours.

I don’t usually have days full of visits. I often have breaks in between clients and I enjoy being able to spend an hour in a coffee shop reading a book… or anything else I’d like to do!

Would you recommend home instead to other parents looking to start a new career?

Yes, definitely. For me, it’s a really nice way to ease back into working full time and building up my hours again. I was working in the music industry before and I’ve been re-training with my counselling course. This job has really complimented the work-life balance and it’s very flexible. 

So far every day has been so different and I’ve been really enjoying getting to know all of my clients.

Prior to joining Home Instead as a Care Professional, I used to think that I wouldn’t be able to do things like personal care but my view on this has completely changed. I feel as though I am used to it already and it doesn’t bother me at all… you get to know your clients well and you just want to help them!

What is your favourite thing about the role?

I think it’s probably when you walk into a client visit and the client sees it’s you. Sometimes they just light up and are excited that you’ve come to visit! It makes you realise that the work you do really matters and makes a difference so that’s a great feeling.