Finding Befriending and Companionship Support for Older Adults in Ashbourne

Growing older can be a time of loneliness and isolation for many people, especially those who live alone or have limited social connections. However, there are resources and services available to help older adults in Ashbourne find the companionship and support they need to live happy and fulfilling lives. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the top options for befriending and companionship support in Ashbourne, including local community groups and services.

Community Groups

One of the best ways for older adults to meet new people and make social connections is by joining a community group. Ashbourne is home to a number of community groups that cater to older adults, including the Ashbourne Friendship Club and the Ashbourne U3A. These groups offer a range of activities and events, from coffee mornings and walking groups to crafts and book clubs. Joining a community group is a great way to stay active and engaged while also making new friends.

Befriending Services

For older adults who are experiencing social isolation or who would like some extra company, befriending services can be a valuable resource. Befriending services typically match volunteers with older adults who are in need of social support and can provide regular visits or phone calls. In Ashbourne, the local befriending service is provided by the charity Age UK Derby and Derbyshire, which also offers a range of other services and support for older adults.

Companionship Services

Companionship services are similar to befriending services but are typically provided by professional care providers. These services can include regular visits or outings with a companion, as well as assistance with tasks such as food shopping or attending appointments. At Home Instead, we provide companionship services in Ashbourne, offering personalised care plans to support older adults in their own homes. Our Care Professionals provide companionship and support with everyday tasks to promote healthy aging and overall wellbeing. Our visits are flexible, from one or more hours per day. 

”We have a client in Ashbourne who used to have an active social life with many friends to visit. However, due to failing eyesight, she was unable to drive and get out and about. Her family approached us to see if we could support her by driving her to her friends’ homes and accompanying her on shopping trips, as well as providing some companionship during the day to reduce her isolation. Since we started providing this support, our client has become more social and less lonely, which has had a positive impact on her wellbeing.” – Carol, Owner at Home Instead Leek & Moorlands

Benefits of Befriending and Companionship

Studies have shown that social isolation and loneliness can have negative effects on both physical and mental health in older adults. Befriending and companionship services can help to reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness, leading to improved mood and overall quality of life. In addition to the social benefits, these services can also provide practical support with tasks such as grocery shopping, transportation, and home maintenance, helping older adults to live independently for longer.

Local companionship in Ashbourne: Contact Home Instead

If you or a loved one could benefit from befriending or companionship services in Ashbourne, consider arranging regular companionship.

At Home Instead, we’re passionate about providing the companionship and support that you or your loved one deserves in Ashbourne. We invite you to experience the difference our Care Professionals can make in your life. Get in touch with us today to schedule a personalized consultation, and let us create a tailored companionship plan that suits your unique needs and preferences. Don’t miss the opportunity to enrich your life or the life of a loved one with the gift of genuine connection and support – reach out to Home Instead today!

“The carers are wonderful. They are patient, kind, and genuinely interested in me. I appreciate the companionship they provide and always look forward to their visits.” – Rose, client.

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