Your Journey to a Care Professional

Discover the steps to becoming a Home Instead Lancaster Care Professional - from our first phone call to training, support and beyond.

Embarking on a new career often comes with its own set of questions and uncertainties, especially in the compassionate world of care. For those keen to make a difference in the lives of older adults, Home Instead Lancaster offers not just a job, but a fulfilling career path with professional growth and personal satisfaction. Today, let’s walk through the considered journey we’ve designed for our aspiring Care Professionals.

Your First Connection

Your journey with us begins with a phone call from our director Sam, during which you’ll share your experiences and aspirations. Here at Home Instead Lancaster, we understand that each individual brings a unique set of skills and passions, so this initial conversation gives us a glimpse into what you’re looking for and how we can align it with our mission.

Getting to Know You

Next, you’ll be invited for an informal chat with our client experience manager or registered manager. Consider this meeting an opportunity for both sides to find out more. We want to hear your ‘why’ – what draws you to care, why you selected Home Instead Lancaster, and how you wish to make a positive change. This is also the perfect chance for you to present any queries or questions that may have come to mind since speaking with Sam, our director.

Getting to know you

Recruitment Day: Part of the Family

Our recruitment day is unique. It’s a time for telling your story and allowing your personality to shine – sharing your favourite tunes, cooking tastes, holiday dreams, and yes, even your potential hidden talent in a band. This gathering is central to our client matching process and finding your place in our family-like team.

During this day, you’ll get to know Home Instead and we also dive into the practicalities, making sure you’re aware of all the important aspects of client visits. It’s paramount for us that you feel confident and part of our community.

Training Ground: Knowledge Meets Fun

At the end of the recruitment day, if you still like us and we hope you do, we move to the training phase. After online preliminaries and procedural steps such as a DBS check and reference confirmations, it’s time for hands-on learning. From medication administration to basic life support, we ensure you’re well-equipped with the required competencies. Don’t worry, though – we balance the importance of these subjects with a spirit of fun (and cake!).

Training Ground Knowledge Meets Fun

Induction: Final Touches Before You Shine

Induction marks the last in-office preparation stage. It’s here that we get down to the nitty-gritty – setting up your app login, snapping your ID badge photo, and organising your PPE. This ensures you’re ready to put your training into practice and meet our cherished clients.

On the Road with Confidence

Guidance doesn’t stop at the office door. As you begin shadowing our experienced Care Professionals, you’ll receive tips, introductions to clients, and a constant stream of support to ensure any concerns are swiftly addressed.

The entire process, from your initial phone call to shadowing an experienced Care Professional, is designed to be completed within four weeks, allowing for variances based on individual circumstances. At Home Instead Lancaster, our aim is to strike the right balance of professional and personal growth for each new team member.

Your Next Steps

If the values and vision of Home Instead Lancaster resonate with you and you’re passionate about bringing joy and support into the homes of older adults, we’re eagerly waiting to get to know you.  Learn more by calling us on 01524 951574 or for job opportunities apply online.

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