Reduce the Risk of Hospital Stays for Older Adults: Tips for Ageing Well and Home Care Support

Discover how to reduce hospital stays for older adults with tips on ageing well and the benefits of home care support from Home Instead Lancaster.

As we age, the likelihood of needing a hospital stay increases significantly. However although a hospital stay can be necessary, it is something most of us would prefer to avoid! 

Risks as we get older include chronic health conditions and risks of falls and injuries. There are many ways to mitigate risks and maintain a high quality of life, largely by adopting preventive measures, healthy habits and utilising home care services. Our home care services are designed to support older adults in living well and staying safe at home, effectively reducing the necessity for hospital stays.

Home care at Home Instead Lancaster

Here are a four tips for staying well at home and how our home care services can support you to avoid hospital stays:

1. Keep on track with your Medical Care: 

Regular medical check-ups and making sure to follow prescribed medication or physio routines can prevent bigger issues and significantly reduce health risks. 

We can support and encourage our clients with medication prompts, transport to appointments, and liaising with local healthcare teams such as GPs, District Nurses or hospital discharge teams. Our Care Professionals are also trained to be alert for changes, signs, and symptoms that might indicate a potential health issue. Responding quickly to a change is key in managing and treating health problems before they escalate.

2. Home Safety: 

Keep your home safe and add a few things to help, grab rails, non-slip mats and asking for help are all sensible proactive steps to take. 

We can provide assistance where needed and take proactive steps to reduce the risks of falls and accidents. This includes maintaining a safe home environment and ensuring that mobility aids are available.

3. Physical and Mental Activity: 

Staying active is vital for both physical and mental health. 

Our Care Professionals encourage clients to engage in activities that keep their bodies and minds stimulated. 

4. Eat Well: 

Maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise routine is essential. Our Care Professionals help clients make nutritious food choices and stay active, which can ward off many age-related health issues.

I feel fully supported in and around my home 

One of our valued clients shared their experience, saying, “I highly recommend Home Instead for your home support/care. I have been a client for the past six months. 

I feel fully supported in and around my home. The caregivers are wonderful. I am now getting to my appointments and living a more full life. I am doing more than I thought I ever would. My confidence has soared.

 The Management team are fantastic. They are always on hand to answer my questions. They have always been accommodating and flexible with my requirements. 

You get quality care and support with Home Instead (Lancaster and Morecambe) 5*.”

Client reviews Lancaster

How relationship-led care at home can help

Our approach at Home Instead Lancaster involves forming special relationships between our Care Professionals and clients. By matching our local Care Professionals with regular clients based on care needs and interests, we ensure that they are perfectly placed to spot any changes to health and wellbeing. This personalised attention allows us to intervene early and prevent minor issues from becoming major health crises.

Beyond these core services, our Care Professionals are also adept at creating a nurturing and safe environment. They provide nutritious meals, effective mind-stimulating activities, social interaction, and supervision of daily activities. For those living with dementia or Parkinson’s, our specialised training ensures they receive the best possible care tailored to their unique needs.

At Home Instead Lancaster, we understand the importance of providing the highest quality home care in the comfort of your own home across Lancaster, Morecambe, Garstang, and the surrounding areas.

In conclusion, while the risk of hospital stays increases with age, there are effective ways to manage and mitigate these risks. At Home Instead Lancaster, we are dedicated to helping older adults live safely and happily at home. Through our comprehensive and personalised home care services we support our clients to enjoy a fulfilling and independent life at home.

For more information on how we can help you or your loved ones, please contact us at Home Instead Lancaster. Learn more about our home care services by calling us on 01524 951574. Or if you are interested in our job opportunities please apply at our website.