Outdoor fun in Morecambe: Family-friendly activities for a day out in the fresh air

Looking for family-friendly destinations for a day out in Morecambe? Our Home Instead team explores some of their favourite spots that appeal to all ages.

With the days beginning to get longer and the weather starting to warm up, it is the perfect opportunity to get outside and enjoy the fresh air with our loved ones.

If you are looking for some fun and family-friendly activities to do in Morecambe but are not sure where to start, we thought we would take a closer look at some of our favourites:

Explore the Bay Cycle Way

When it comes to getting outdoors and enjoying some fresh air, the Bay Cycle Way is a wonderful option. With over 80 miles of mostly flat terrain to explore, the route is perfect for all ages and explores everywhere from Morecombe all the way along the Lancashire coastline.

Elderly couple riding bicycles on a path, holding hands and smiling, with trees and greenery in the background. - Home Instead

Spot some Wildlife at Morecombe Bay Nature Reserve

Morecombe Bay is a popular destination for migratory birds and so a great place to spot waders and roosters! Two hours before and after high tides can be a good time to see more birds. So if you are an avid twitcher or just enjoy being closer to nature, a trip to the Bay with a bird log book can be a fun hobby that gets you outdoors.

Two children with backpacks in a forest; one uses binoculars while the other points excitedly upward. - Home Instead

Catch a Big One

If you want to relax while enjoying some outside time, then Morecambe is also a great spot for fans of fishing. The Bay area offers plenty of places to set up during the summer months, and there are a huge array of different species that call the waters home. Why not call one of the local Fishing Tackle shops, Gerry’s Fishing on Marine Road is always happy to give local advice.

Two people sitting on a dock, fishing and smiling, with water and greenery in the background. - Home Instead

Take in the Views

Finally, another ideal spot in Morecambe is the iconic Stone Jetty. Built-in the 1850s, the Jetty offers some of the finest views in the area, allowing visitors to see across the bay and over the rolling hills of the Lake District. The jetty also has fun pavement games including a maze, and a word search, as well as a cafe for a cup of tea and a cake stop.

A stone block inscribed "The Stone Jetty" at the entrance of a seaside jetty with a building and labyrinth design. - Home Instead

Helping Your Older Loved Ones to Enjoy the Outdoors in Morecambe

We love helping our clients to get out and enjoy more of Morecambe. We pride ourselves on offering a personalised and dedicated approach to every client, with our highly experienced Care Professionals on hand to support them every step of the way.

At Home Instead, we know how beneficial being outdoors can be for people of all ages, and we are focused on helping our clients to continue to enjoy the local area.

Our award-winning care at home services in Morecambe can be tailored to individual needs, so if you would like to learn more about how we can help your loved ones, get in touch with our friendly team today!

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