Join Our Compassionate Team at Home Instead: Where Caring for Others Feels Like Home

A Heartfelt Chat with Our Home Instead Family

At Home Instead Lancaster, we don’t just offer a job; we offer a calling. We recently took some time to chat with our team members. The people who make our service unique discuss why Home Instead stands out, as not only a place of work but as a beacon of care in the community in Lancaster, Morecambe, Garstang & the surrounding areas.

"What makes Home Instead the place to be for Care Professionals?"

“What truly sets us apart?” owner of Home Instead Lancaster Sam begins, addressing the warm and welcoming faces of our team.

“It’s the heart,” answers Mandy, one of our dedicated Care Professionals. “Every single person here is committed to providing genuine, person-centred care. We’re not just ticking boxes; we’re making real connections.”

This statement is echoed throughout the room, a testament to the ethos that underpins everything we do. Here, going the extra mile is not an effort; it’s second nature to us. We approach our work with a simple yet profound principle – the ‘Mum Test’. It’s a question we ask every prospective team member: “Would we let this person care for our own Mum or Dad?” And unless the answer is a resounding ‘yes’, we look further.

Minimum one-hour visits are standard at Home Instead

Minimum one-hour visits are standard at Home Instead, ensuring our clients never feel rushed and our Care Professionals have time to provide thorough, compassionate assistance. “It makes such a difference,” adds James, another experienced team member. “Those extra minutes allow us to understand our clients, see them as individuals with rich histories and wonderful stories to share.”

Our policy of introducing staff to clients fosters trust and continuity. “It’s about becoming a part of their lives, not just a fleeting presence,” comments Sarah. “When we’re introduced, it’s more than just a formality; it’s the beginning of a relationship.”

And these relationships are what illuminate the paths of both our clients and our Care Professionals. Our approach leads to better outcomes, grounded in a deep sense of mutual respect.

"If you've got the passion and the compassion, this is where you can truly belong"

It’s clear that joining Home Instead Lancaster is about embracing a culture where kindness reigns, where professional development is nurtured, and where you can find personal fulfilment in making a difference in the lives of others. We’re not just a workforce; we’re a community, a family united by a shared goal.

“What would you say to those considering a career with Home Instead?” Sam asks as we wrap up our chat.

“Don’t just consider it, do it,” urges Nick with a smile. “If you’ve got the passion and the compassion, this is where you can truly belong.”

Becoming a part of Home Instead Lancaster means you’re joining a team that takes pride in its work and the profound impact it has on the lives of those we care for.

If you’re inspired by what you’ve heard today and want to explore a fulfilling career path, or if you’re seeking compassionate care for a loved one, we’d love to hear from you.

Take the first step towards making a difference. Learn more about our home care services by calling us on 01524 951574 or for job opportunities apply online at Home Instead Careers. Your new family awaits.