Great lunch spots in Lancaster

Looking for a delicious lunch in Lancaster? Look no further! Discover the best lunch spots in town, from cozy cafes to trendy bistros. With a wide variety of options to choose from, you’re sure to find something that satisfies your cravings. Check out our guide to the top lunch spots in Lancaster now!

Lancaster doesn’t fail to impress diners in Northwest England. That’s because you can find some great restaurants here. Whether you are interested in exploring authentic British cuisine, or dishes from anywhere else in the world, you may explore the great lunch spots that you can find in Lancaster. Here are five such great lunch spots that we highly recommend.

The Water Witch

If you are looking for a great lunch spot in Lancaster, we strongly encourage you to pick something that offers an outdoor dining area. This is where you can take a look at The Water Witch. It is true that this restaurant offers a menu that looks like a pub menu. However, you can find some great dishes that you can enjoy for your lunch. The best thing about The Water Witch is that it is offering main courses to you in small plate versions. Hence, you can enjoy a great lunch here, without spending a fortune.


Kashish is a prominent restaurant in Lancaster that offers Indian cuisine. Anyone who is interested in tasting Indian curries may think about visiting this restaurant. You can try all the classic Indian curries, such as korma, jalfrezi, and madras here. Moreover, you will also fall in love with chicken shashlik kebabs and lentil soup that you can find in this restaurant. Even the location of this restaurant is quite gorgeous, and you may visit here without thinking twice.

Merchants 1688

When you are dining in Lancaster, you should not miss out on a restaurant that offers traditional British cuisine. This is where we encourage you to take a look at Merchants 1688. This is one of the oldest restaurants that you can find in the region as well. Moreover, Merchants 1688 is known for offering tempting classic dishes that belong to authentic British cuisine. Make sure that you visit Merchants 1688 on a Sunday, where you can enjoy traditional roast dishes. You will be able to enjoy authentic craft beer along with your lunch here in this restaurant.

Blue Moon

Blue Moon is a leading Thai restaurant in Lancaster. If you are interested in opening up yourself to a variety of fine dining choices at a price that you can afford, Blue Moon is a suitable place to consider. This restaurant was opened back in the year 2011. Since then, it could maintain a strong reputation for offering traditional Thai lunch dishes, including pad Thai. At Blue Moon, you can even find some of the lesser-known Thai dishes. Make sure that you don’t ignore traditional Thai desserts such as gluary buard chee served here.

Pizza Margherita

While looking for a place to enjoy an Italian lunch, you may think about visiting Pizza Margherita. The focus of this restaurant is pizza, but you can find many other Italian dishes. There are 15 delicious pizza varieties on the lunch menu for you to try. Out of them, smoked chicken pizza and Paganini topped pizza are the most popular. You can enjoy pizza along with some famous side dishes served in the restaurant, such as garlic mushrooms and marinated olives.

Final words

You will fall in love with your lunch dishes in Lancaster because of these restaurants. It is better if you can go through their menus online before visiting the restaurants. Then you can surely have a wonderful time as you know what exactly to order.

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