Out and About with Home Care Clients in Lancaster

At Home Instead, our home care clients are much more than people we care for; they’re part of our extended family. Our Care Professionals take pleasure in sharing a variety of activities with clients in and around Lancaster, Morecambe or Garstang, from the necessities of attending health check appointments to getting out and about. From shopping trips, visiting the park or a stroll near the canal, let’s talk about a few things we love doing together and why these moments out and about in the community can make a big difference to our client’s overall wellbeing.

Favourite outings of our home care clients

A favourite outing for our Care Professionals and home care clients is to a local garden centre, like Daisy Clough, Barton Grange or Bay View. There’s always something new to see, whatever the season, and the option for green-fingered clients to buy a new plant to take home for the garden. 

A visit to one of our local cafes in Lancaster is a lovely way to start the morning, and we enjoy popping into The Brew Brothers, Brew me Sunshine, or the Gregson Centre with our clients for a slice of cake and a cup of tea or coffee. Or stopping off at a cafe for a good bacon bun is another popular highlight for many! 

Favourite outings of our home care clients

On sunny days, for our more mobile clients, nothing beats a gentle walk down Morecambe Promenade, capped off with an ice cream. Our local parks are good for older adults too, and Williamson’s Park boasts a welcoming pavilion cafe where we can relax and have a good conversation. Likewise, Beacon Fell visitor centre serves as a perfect spot for a restful break after a stroll. 

Music, too, holds a special place in the hearts of many Care Professionals and clients. Some clients love to stay connected to the community spirit found at musical groups. Such as ‘Lyrics and Lunch’ which is a supportive environment for those living with dementia, or attending ‘More Music’ at the Seagull Cafe in Morecambe for all over 60s, where melodies can bring back memories or create new ones. 

Companionship and community

Of course, any excursion is always planned with our client’s comfort and preferences in mind. Whether it’s accompanying them on shopping trips, healthcare check-up appointments, or supporting them during swimming sessions, our aim is to ensure they feel supported and free to engage with the community.

Importantly, these activities underscore a crucial aspect of our care – companionship. Spending time together, whether in conversation over coffee or in shared laughter while inspecting the latest blooms at a garden centre, can boost a sense of belonging, raise self esteem and bring a little sparkle to the day. It’s through these experiences that our clients maintain their sense of independence – crucial for their well-being and happiness.

Companionship and Community

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