Our Partnership with Boots

For 7 years we have provided home care, helping ageing adults in Kidderminster live the healthy and quality life that they deserve. Thanks to a new partnership with Boots, we are spreading this message even further. We are thrilled to become the first home care company to be approved on the new Boots Health Hub. You might have seen it advertised on TV.

For generations, Boots has enabled people to manage their health and wellbeing effectively, and it has been a source of advice when it comes to looking after yourself. That’s why they’re such a good fit for Home Instead. They were drawn to us thanks to each of our offices being locally owned and very often playing a key part in the community, helping older people live in the way that they want. We know not everyone has an easy experience finding a home care company. The Boots Health Hub will make it simpler for people shopping around for domiciliary care to find a reputable provider.

We’re proud of the network of organisations and local individuals who strengthen our business. To add Boots as one of our partners is an honour, particularly as it gives the public another direct route to us.

Posted 22 September 2021.