Visit some of the best beach spots on the Isle of Wight!

If you’re looking for a day at a beach or a nice ice cream, look no further, the Isle of Wight has some of the most picturesque scenes and some may be right on your doorstep!

During the summertime is really when the Islands beaches come to life. Whether you want a sunbathe, a dip in the fresh water or a nice walk with your fur babies there truly is something for everyone!
Take a look at some of our popular hot spots.

Gurnard and Cowes beach

Gurnard beach is a characterful strip of beach on the northern shore of the Isle of Wight just outside the centre of Cowes. With its row of colourful green beach huts, its pebble beach gives you front row views of the busy Solent and its pleasant variety of ships, yachts and boats at play.

Sailing is a popular pursuit within the Gurnard/Cowes area, so you’ll be sure to see lots of activity in the water.

There are a few places to stop for an ice cream along this route and also public toilets.

There are some dog restrictions in place along sections of the beach. Please check onsite guides.

Ventnor beach

Ventnor beach is the southernmost holiday beach on the Isle of Wight and is well-loved by locals and visitors alike. Nestled in the bay beneath the tumbling tiers of the Victorian town.

Opposite here at the foot of the Cascade is the famous Isle of Wight paddling pool, a giant replica of the Isle of Wight map showing all the major towns and roads, that has entertained children for over 100 years.

Walk along the seafront and there are all the ingredients of an ideal beach holiday: ice-creams, a bistro-style bar serving tapas and drinks, a beach shop, more cafes and, crowning the bay, the world-famous Spyglass Inn, which has a quirky nautical-themed interior and upper and lower deck terraces overlooking the sea.

This beach does not allow dogs during the period from May to September.

Ryde beach

Ryde Beach’s powdery sands stretch out so far, the UK’s second longest pier had to be constructed on its shore to allow boats to dock.

The uninterrupted stretch of sand here makes Ryde Beach the ultimate base for frolicking, horse riding, playing football and kitesurfing. Want to take it easy? There are great facilities peppered across the wide beach too, including deckchairs, sun loungers and windbreaks for hire.

There is a massive amount to see along the stretch of the Esplanade including, Peter Pan funfair, Waterside Pool, a wide variety of food establishments and a range of public transport with the bus station, access via Hover Travel to and from Portsmouth and the drive along Ryde Pier via car or train.

Yaverland beach

Yaverland beach is one of the Isle of Wight’s best beaches, providing a long stretch of sand and great swimming waters for children and families. Yaverland has a few smallish rocks dotted here and there and when the tide is out the sandy beach expands across acres.

Yaverland is an all-year-round dog friendly for those furry friends and has ample parking available.

There is a lovely little hut next to the entrance of the car park which doubles as a gift shop and café.

The orange sandstone cliffs gradually increase in height as they move towards the white chalk of Culver cliff, and it is around here that fossil remains can be found – this is a one of the Isle of Wight’s Dinosaur beaches! Be sure you book a guided fossil walk at nearby Dinosaur Isle so that you can discover your own piece of pre-history.

There are a huge range of beaches spread across the Island, not mentioned in the above that are still so beautiful include, Colwell Bay, Yarmouth, St Helen’s, Shanklin and Sandown beaches, the Island is here to be explored!

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