Keeping Seniors Safe and Well at Home

Discover how Home Instead Ilkeston and Hucknall's personalised home care services provide senior adults with the independence and support they need to stay healthy at home.

At Home Instead Ilkeston and Hucknall, our dedicated Care Professionals and office team help prevent the need for older adults to be hospitalised by supporting senior adults in their own homes. 

Our commitment to proactive care helps keep older adults safe, healthy, and comfortable in familiar surroundings by preventing complications through early intervention, medication management, nutrition, companionship, and staying active.

How personalised care at home can prevent unnecessary hospital stays

Regular visits from our Care Professionals allow us to provide care at home and companionship that truly makes a positive difference, and also allows us to monitor our clients’ health and wellbeing consistently.

Noticing changes and taking preventative action

By detecting any changes, a decline in a current health condition, or identifying new issues promptly, we can take immediate and appropriate action. Our Care Professional will report to our client’s dedicated office team who then take prompt and appropriate action. For example, this could involve contacting the client’s GP or the district nursing team for medical intervention, notifying a client’s family, or organising a physiotherapy review. This proactive approach reduces the need for stressful hospital admissions, keeping clients safe and comfortable at home.

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Assisting clients with nutrition, hydration, and medication management

Ensuring proper nutrition, hydration, and medication adherence helps promote overall health and prevents complications, allowing older adults to lead healthier, more independent lives. 

Adhering to medication schedules is crucial for staying well, for example, completing a course to treat an infection, or managing long-term conditions like Parkinson’s disease, which if unmanaged could lead to complications and even a hospital admission.

Older adults are often more susceptible to dehydration, which can lead to serious health issues such as urinary tract infections, so hydration is vital. Nutrition can also be more difficult to maintain, for example, if appetites become smaller as we get older. Our Care Professionals are expertly trained in overcoming these issues, managing medication prompts, hydration, and nutrition, ensuring clients remain well-hydrated and have access to home-cooked, nutritious meals.

Fall prevention, maintaining strength and balance

In the UK falls are the leading cause of older adults being taken to the emergency room, so prevention is extremely important. As part of our consultations our local care team is trained to identify and mitigate fall risks within clients’ homes. This careful risk management and knowledge helps create a safer living environment, reducing the likelihood of accidents. 

Maintaining an active lifestyle is essential for overall well being, especially as we age. Staying active is also a good preventative measure against falls, retaining our strength and balance. 

At Home Instead Ilkeston and Hucknall, our fitness expert, Becky, offers a compassionate approach and years of experience, her inclusive and adaptable exercise programmes can be tailored to individual needs. These programmes focus on enhancing balance and strength through seated exercises, significantly improving mobility and mental health. 

At Home Instead Ilkeston and Hucknall, we are devoted Care Professionals and companions, dedicated to a preventative and proactive approach that ensures older adults are safe, healthy, and living independently at home, while avoiding unnecessary hospitalisations.

Join a seated exercise class 

Why not join one of Becky’s Home Instead Seated Exercise Classes or arrange a private 1:1 session? Together, we can help you achieve your health goals, celebrating each milestone along the way. To book a fitness session with Becky, contact her at 0115 671 990.

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Discover the benefits of our Home Care services

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