Adult Learning Classes around Huntingdon

Don’t let later years be devoid of learning; pick up new skills and maybe even discover new talents with these senior-friendly classes around Huntingdon.

Getting older doesn’t have to mean you stop learning, you can keep curiosity alive no matter what your age! Keep your mind active and enjoy yourself by getting involved in skill or art-based classes that can introduce seniors to new hobbies and passions.

From getting to grips with technology and finding tutorials online, to finding an in-person group to learn a new skill, there’s plenty out there in the world of adult learning classes! Get out there with your loved ones and discover something new!

Community Centres U3A (University of 3rd Age)

We have already mentioned U3A in our previous blog named ‘Games and Activities around Huntingdon’ and whilst we didn’t want to repeat ourselves, we felt we must mention them again as the service they provide to the community is nothing short of wonderful and it matches today’s theme beautifully. We won’t bore you with repetition of details, but here is a link to our previous blog and a link to U3A’s website where further information can be found about the brilliant opportunities they have on offer –

Art and Soul Café St Neots

This lovely spot in St Neots is a unique blend of a café and gallery that offers art classes to the public. It describes itself as an ethically responsible place that fosters connection, creativity, and imagination. The name was designed to describe itself, the soul touches on what it means to be wonderfully human, while the art touches on the innate creativity that all humans have, bring them together and you have Art and Soul… a place to drink coffee and create art. The owners here believe that coffee is one of life’s perks, so their coffee is from local Cambridgeshire coffee roasters Hot Numbers. There’s a lot on offer at this brilliant spot, the café boasts a very inclusive menu that can be found here, and can even be a space for private hire. The reason Art and Soul has made our list of adult learning classes is down to the number of different workshops on offer for various areas of arts and crafts, further information about the workshops on offer can be found here.

Hemingford Pavilion

Situated on Manor Road in Hemingford Grey, we have the fantastic Hemingford Pavilion that provides a comfortable and well equipped venue for activities groups and classes. There is so much on offer here, whether you are looking to improve fitness, learn a new skill or simply socialise, there is something for everyone at the Pavilion. A few examples of the activities on offer are Fitness Pilates, Clubbercise, Yoga, Strength and Balance for seniors, football, ballroom dancing and so much more. Further information about all the activities on offer can be found by clicking here. For their contact details and location click here. They host regular events throughout the year so perhaps swing by one of those for a taste of all they have to offer, information about upcoming events can be found here.

Cambridgeshire Alliance of Lifelong Learners (CALL)

Cambridgeshire Alliance of Lifelong Learners (CALL) is a ‘not for profit’ umbrella organisation that links adult learning groups in Cambridgeshire. They aim to support groups by sharing information between them and advertise the courses on offer to the wider community via their website. They have many different courses on offer, ranging from movie special effects to the history of modern medicine and so much more, for the full list of courses available click here. The groups are autonomous, and each have their own committee and courses, most of the courses run over Autumn and Spring with some continuing into he summer months. The courses can vary from single sessions to ten week courses on specific subjects, further information on this will be detailed underneath the course itself. If you have loved ones that are interested in learning something new, we highly recommend you look into CALL, their contact form can be found here.

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