A Comprehensive Guide to Home Care Funding in Hinckley

Unravel the complexities of home care funding in Hinckley. Understand the various options available, how to access financial support, and navigate the process smoothly.

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Navigating the world of home care funding can be a daunting task. From understanding eligibility criteria to navigating the financial assessment process, it’s crucial to have all the necessary information. This guide will help simplify the process of securing home care funding in Hinckley.

Understanding Home Care Funding

When it comes to funding home care services, there are several sources you can tap into. These include:

  1. Local Authority Funding: If you have limited means, your local council can provide funding for your care. To qualify, you’ll need to undergo a care needs assessment and a financial assessment.
  2. NHS Continuing Healthcare: This funding is available for individuals with complex medical conditions that require continuous healthcare beyond typical social care needs.
  3. Self-Funding: If your capital exceeds the financial threshold set by the local council, you may be required to pay for your care entirely.

Local Authority Funding

To access local authority funding in Hinckley, you’ll have to contact Leicestershire County Council. Here’s a step-by-step guide to the process:

Request a Care Needs Assessment: This process identifies what kind of help you need. Contact the Adult Social Care team at Leicestershire County Council to request an assessment.

Undergo a Financial Assessment: If your care needs assessment confirms that you need home care services, the next step is a financial assessment. This assessment can be done online via the Leicestershire County Council website here. The financial assessment will consider your income, savings, and investments to determine whether you qualify for council support.

NHS Continuing Healthcare

If your needs are primarily health-related, you may be eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare. This is a package of care arranged and funded by the NHS, and it’s not means-tested. Contact your local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) for an initial assessment.


If you’re ineligible for financial support from the council or NHS, or if you choose to arrange your care independently, you will be a self-funder. This means you will need to cover the cost of your care services from your own finances. In this case, it’s crucial to plan your finances carefully to ensure your funds can provide for your long-term care needs.

Using Your Funding

Once you have secured funding, you can use it to purchase the care services that best suit your needs. These could range from personal care and companionship services, to specialised care for conditions like dementia, or even round-the-clock live-in care.

Securing home care funding in Hinckley is a process that requires careful planning, assessment, and decision-making. But with the right information, you can navigate the system successfully and secure the care you or your loved one needs. Always consider seeking professional advice if you’re unsure about any aspect of home care funding.

Next steps

Choosing the right home care provider is a significant decision. Once you have secured your funding, arranging a care consultation is the next crucial step. This gives you an opportunity to discuss your specific needs with professionals, explore the range of services available, and plan a bespoke care package tailored to your lifestyle.

Home Instead Hinckley offers free, no-obligation care consultations where we take the time to understand your circumstances, preferences, and goals. Our person-centred approach ensures we build a care plan that respects your independence and enhances your quality of life.

Remember, care isn’t ‘one size fits all’. It should be as unique as you are. A consultation offers the chance to get to know the people behind the care, fostering trust and establishing a genuine, empathetic relationship.

Securing the right care is not merely about funding and services, it’s about finding a supportive, professional team who will understand and respect your needs. So, do not hesitate to reach out to arrange a care consultation and take the first step toward securing the best home care for you or your loved one. Remember, it’s about enhancing life, not just managing care.