Staying Active and Connected: How Our Care Professionals Enhance Lives in Hereford

Discover the local activities our Care Professionals in Hereford enjoy with our home care clients, to help them stay active and connected in the local community.

At Home Instead Hereford, we understand that staying engaged with life’s pleasures doesn’t stop as we grow older. Our Care Professionals are dedicated to ensuring that older adults continue to live fulfilling lives, with plenty of home comforts, and a touch of adventure right in their familiar local area.

Physical and mental activity are important for maintaining health and happiness, especially for those who require specialist dementia care or more general home care in Hereford. That’s why we take a personalised approach to care at home – whether that means exploring the outdoors or the simple joy of a shared cup of tea.

Outing with Care Professional at Home Instead Hereford

At Home Instead Hereford we go beyond the standard expectations of care at home. We believe in the power of matching Clients with Care Professionals based on mutual interests and hobbies. This philosophy fosters trust and leads to personalised support that resonates with the interests and passions of those we care for.

One of the activities that brings joy to many of our clients is connecting with nature. If a client loves nature and is mobile, our matched Care Professionals will join them in embracing a love of the great outdoors. We see the incredible difference this makes, for example, for one of our home care clients, a lady in her early 60s living with dementia with a love of the outdoors. Whether it’s a leisurely walk at Queenswood Arboretum or the invigorating challenge of the Malvern Hills, her love for nature isn’t neglected, instead, it’s encouraged and makes her days rewarding.

Outing at Malvern Hills

Staying active isn’t just about physical exertion. It’s also about maintaining social connections that lift the spirit. So many of our clients relish the simple pleasure of visiting a local coffee shop with their Care Pro. It might be the familiar Tesco cafe or a quaint tea shop in the heart of our rural Herefordshire villages. These visits are more than just a trip out; they provide an opportunity to interact with the community and enjoy the comforting routine of daily life.

Cultural and emotional connections are equally essential. That’s why our Care Pros will accompany clients to more personal destinations, like graves of relatives, ensuring that these poignant moments are respected and supported.

We also support our clients’ desires to keep their surroundings beautiful. Take the story of our client who, as a double amputee, needed some support to fulfil his wish of getting to the local garden centre for some hanging baskets. Our Care Pros didn’t just take him, they also assisted him in planting and hanging those baskets at his home, uplifting his day, his environment and bringing a sense of achievement

Garden Centre with Care Professionak in Hereford

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