Ensuring Client Health and Preventing Hospitalisation

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Promoting health and wellness at Home Instead Hereford

Home Instead is a leading home care provider and we are proud to work towards enabling better health and wellbeing outcomes. Our holistic approach to care in Hereford, Ledbury and Ross-on-Wye promotes companionship, health and wellness among older adults living at home in our local areas. We focus on vital lifestyle components such as a nutritious diet, hydration, and personalised professional care to enable better health outcomes and prevent complications.

Nutritious home-cooked meals

Assisting and encouraging cooking with our clients or for our clients, we ensure each meal is a healthy one, with longer visits that are always at least one hour. By incorporating home-cooked food that includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, we can support our clients to live well at home. We understand that it is so important to maintain proper hydration, particularly throughout the summer months, when we place special emphasis on ensuring easy access to fresh drinks that are within reach.

Nutritious home-cooked meals

Preventing health complications through nutrition and hydration

Preparing home-cooked meals and ensuring hydration is part of holistic home care that involves creating a conducive, caring environment in which our clients feel suitably cared for at all times. Avoiding dehydration is key, as it can bring about a range of negative health effects such as dehydration-induced fatigue, headaches, low blood pressure, and certain skin conditions. By doing so, we effectively mitigate the risk of secondary complications, including bowel complications, infections, and falls that could potentially lead to poor health outcomes and even hospital admissions.

Trained Care Professionals for early intervention

Regular visits from the same small group of our Care Professionals, means that we do notice if there is a change. Our team of Care Professionals are trained to be keen observers, and this gives us the ability to notice how clients are in themselves, and provide crucial early interventions when necessary. We get to know our clients well as individuals, by providing regular visits, touchpoints and continuous monitoring. 

For example, if additional needs are identified, our Care Professionals have training to meet the healthcare requirements of various conditions, with instruction in specialist care areas such as catheter care, stoma care, and oxygen therapy allowing us to deliver specialist care at home.

We also understand the value of an individualised, comprehensive care plan and through thorough audits we can promptly identify any concerns and make any changes to a care plan as needed. By being quick to respond and flexible, we can better support our clients at home.

“For the last 12 months or so, my dad has been taken care of by a wonderful team from Home Instead. His needs were simple at first, – company, light housework. This progressed to daily personal care when some health issues flared up and the office was able to adapt his care package very quickly.” Daughter of client, 5 star review via homecare.co.uk

Holistic care through collaboration with local professional 

Furthermore, we are in communication with a network of local health care professionals. We are regularly in contact with local GPs and occupational therapy, the respiratory team, district nurses, and the bladder and bowel team, making referrals when needed, ensuring our clients have support for their holistic care needs.

Holistic care through collaboration with local professional 

Ageing comfortably at home with Home Instead Hereford

At Home Instead Hereford, we aim to support our clients to live well at home, with a focus on nutrition, hydration, and companionship. Providing early interventions and creating a support system that can prevent hospitalisation by enhancing overall well-being and delivering better health outcomes.

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