A Caring Job with Home Instead Hereford

Embark on a fulfilling journey helping older adults as a Care Professional with Home Instead in Hereford.

Work can be more than just a job; it can be a passion, especially when it involves caring for others. At Home Instead Hereford, we understand that and seek to welcome new Care Professionals into our team who truly share our dedication to providing heartfelt support to older adults in our local community.

Why Our Team Enjoy Working at Home Instead Hereford

Our Care Professionals are the heartbeat of our service, and we’re committed to ensuring they feel valued and supported. But what is it that attracts our team to our local office in Hereford? 

Firstly, it’s about time – in a sector known for hurried visits, we pride ourselves on longer home visits with clients. This allows Care Professionals to provide comprehensive, unrushed care at home, creating meaningful connections with the individuals they support. 

Our Care Profesionals are the heartbeat of Care

Additionally, the option of part-time hours appeals to many, combine a part-time local job in Hereford, Ross-on-Wye, Ledbury, Weobley or Kingstone with competitive pay rates, and it’s clear why many come to Home Instead Hereford as their employer of choice.

Then there’s our reputation for quality care and professionalism in the local community – a testament to our team’s dedicated work. And we’ve been awarded the Top 20 Home Care Providers in the West Midlands by homecare.co.uk..

And finally, the family feel. Our office isn’t just an office; it’s a place where everyone is recognised and appreciated. This warmth extends into the community, making each day as a Care Professional with Home Instead Hereford not just a job, but a role filled with purpose and connection.

Quality Care at Home Instead Hereford

“Supportive office team and a great place to work, great pay rate and working hours. I work the same area and not travelling miles….1 hour minimum visits, so time to really care for the clients.”

5 Star Employee
Review via Indeed

Who is the Role For?

You don’t need to fit a specific mould to join us. You do have to have a heart for caring and a commitment to making life better for older adults. This is a job where not only is experience in the care sector valued, but also because we offer excellent training it is equally suited to those looking for something new. Or for people who have found joy in caring for a loved one, and are seeking to professionalise the skills they have recognised in themselves.

Who is this role for?

“Really lovely environment to work in. I feel happy for the first time In a long time. The company is great with flexibility with my children. I feel supported and confident to do my very best.”

5 Star Employee
Review via Indeed

Get in touch

If you like what you’ve read and feel the pull to become part of a community-focused, compassionate team, don’t hesitate to apply. Interested in getting started and finding a caring job near you and joining the team? Visit our website and apply, or contact our office in Hereford on 01432 804000 to start your journey as a Care Professional.