'Love to Move' Sessions at Home Instead Havant

Explore how Home Instead Havant's 'Love to Move' sessions, based on the British Gymnastics Foundation programme, are transforming the lives of our clients.

At Home Instead Havant, we are continually seeking innovative ways to enrich the lives of our clients. This is where our ‘Love to Move’ sessions come in.  Developed by the British Gymnastics Foundation, ‘Love to Move’ is based on a Japanese model that has proven to have remarkable benefits for the elderly, especially those with dementia.

What is ‘Love to Move’?

‘Love to Move’ is an exercise programme specifically designed for older adults, with a focus on seated gymnastics. It goes beyond physical exercise, taking a holistic approach to improving cognitive function, balance, and overall well-being. The programme has been successfully implemented in various care homes and community settings across the UK, including our own Havant area.

A transformative impact

We have witnessed firsthand the transformative effect of these sessions. Mark Gettinby, owner of Home Instead in Havant, together with Nikki, a former Home Instead employee and now an NHS Dementia Coach, recognised the potential of ‘Love to Move’ and introduced it to our community. The impact has been profound and immediate.

Participants who were initially hesitant and reserved have blossomed within weeks. Nikki recalls a heartwarming moment when a gentleman in a wheelchair danced with his wife during a session. Another participant, who initially couldn’t clap, regained this ability in just three weeks! It is these small victories that demonstrate the immense power of ‘Love to Move’.

A transforming impact

Incredible outcomes

One remarkable story is that of a lady who initially joined our sessions without speaking a word or being able to fully participate. Now, she is an active participant, especially in the alphabet activity. This serves as a testament to the programme’s ability to revive dormant skills and encourage social interaction.

Abi, our Community Outreach Manager at Home Instead Havant, is currently working towards getting her licence to teach the sessions. At a recent Love to Move session, she witnessed something wonderful. Abi was sitting next to a regular participant, who became slightly restless during a small break period. Abi asked him what he would like to do whilst they waited for the session to resume, and he began to play the piano in the air. Abi asked if he liked to play the piano when he was younger and he replied yes. She then asked him to play her a song on his air piano, which he did. He hummed the tune of a much-loved song that he could recall from when he used to play, and he moved his fingers in the air in time with the notes. When he had finished, he received a round of applause from Abi and the class. He was delighted.

Feedback from local families and Care Professionals

The response from families and Care Professionals has been overwhelmingly positive. They find joy and satisfaction in the sessions just as much as the participants themselves. Rosanna and Liz who lead the sessions have observed significant improvements in attendees’ fine motor skills and memory recall. The community centre manager aptly describes it as “miracle work”.

Strengthening the community care network

The success of ‘Love to Move’ is partly due to the collaboration between the care sector and medical services. It serves as a vital link, ensuring the safety, social connection, and physical activity of people living at home. Reflecting on her experience, Nikki describes ‘Love to Move’ as an “awakening of enjoyment” and a privilege to deliver. It changes emotional states, brings back smiles, and enhances engagement.

The ‘Love to Move’ sessions are more than just an exercise class; they are a celebration of life, a journey of rediscovery, and a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. At Home Instead Havant, we take pride in offering this programme and witnessing the incredible impact it has.

Strengthening the Community Care network

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