Home Care with a Personal Touch: The Home Instead Havant Way

Discover the empathetic and detailed process of arranging personalised home care with Home Instead Havant

Seeking home care services for a loved one can often feel like navigating uncharted waters. At Home Instead Havant, we understand the importance of this decision, and we’re here to guide you through every step of the way with warmth, professionalism and a keen attention to detail.

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Home care services in Havant

Initiating the Home Care Conversation

It all begins with a phone call. Typically, a family member reaches out to us, seeking support for their loved one. We take this opportunity to listen intently, understanding the unique situation, the background details, and the involvement of family and friends. Our dedicated staff, such as Lorraine, take these initial enquiries, ensuring that from the very first interaction, you feel heard and supported.

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Home conversation

Engaging in a Care Consultation

The conversation then transitions from phone to in-person. We arrange a visit, often led by our Deputy Care Manager Shannon, to meet the client, as well as any supportive family members or friends. This face-to-face engagement is pivotal. Here, we can delve deeper, learning about the client’s personality, daily routines, and personal preferences. It’s not just about the care they require; it’s about understanding who they are.

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Care consultation

Crafting a Tailored Care Plan

The crux of our service, the Care Plan, is a testament to our commitment to individualised care. This plan captures the essence of a client’s requirements, aspirations, and the simple pleasures in life – like how they prefer their cup of tea or coffee. It’s a living document that guides our Care Professionals in delivering support that truly resonates with the client’s lifestyle, that helps them achieve their desired outcomes, and that honours their daily routines.

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Crafting a care plan

The Art of Matching Client to Care Professional

Once we’ve gathered this information, we focus on matching the client with the ideally suited Care Professional. This matching process is thoughtful and considerate of both the practical needs and the personal interests of the client. For example, one of our local clients who had previously lived and worked in France wanted someone to converse with in French and share in French cookery. We matched him with a Care Professional who not only had the required care skills but also brought a touch of the French culture he enjoyed into his daily life.

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Matching clients with Care Professionals

Care Is Not Just Our Job – It's Our Passion

At Home Instead, we believe that every individual’s journey to receiving care should be as unique as they are. We take pride in our ability to provide not just assistance, but companionship, shared experiences, and joy through our thoughtful approach to home care.

Are you considering home care in Havant, Emsworth Waterlooville or Hayling Island for someone special in your life? Or perhaps you’re interested in embarking on a rewarding career as a Care Professional? Reach out to us today on 02394 249683 to explore our caring services for yourself or a loved one, or take a step towards a fulfilling career opportunity by applying online. Let us show you how at Home Instead Havant, care is not just our job – it’s our passion.

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