Dementia Action Week in Havant

Learn how the Home Instead Havant office is making a difference in dementia care this Dementia Action Week.

In solidarity with the Alzheimer’s Society this Dementia Action Week, we aim to raise awareness about dementia, a condition impacting around 900,000 individuals in the UK – a figure expected to rise significantly by 2040.

With the number of people affected by dementia set to increase, it’s more important than ever to provide the right care and support. Dementia Action Week this May is a poignant time to highlight the importance of supporting those in our local communities of Havant, Emsworth, Hayling, and Waterlooville.

Dementia Care in Havant

An event for sharing knowledge about dementia

This Dementia Action Week, our team from the Hayling office joined our neighbours at Home Instead Portsmouth for an open house event. The local community, including carers, health professionals, individuals, and families, was encouraged to drop in and participate.

The gathering provided an opportunity for meaningful discussions about dementia care and offered a chance for attendees to ask questions about living with the condition or caring for a loved one who has dementia.

One of the team from Home Instead Havant shared, “It was a pleasure to visit Home Instead Portsmouth today and have some really meaningful discussions around dementia care during this Dementia Action Week. If you’re not sure how we can support those with a dementia diagnosis, we can help you understand.”

The day highlighted the collaborative spirit and commitment needed across the community to provide essential support and education on dementia care.

The strength in getting support for Dementia Care

Dementia Action Week is not only about raising awareness but also about taking action. Every situation is different but encouraging individuals and their families to seek a timely diagnosis can often prevent the distress that can arise from reaching a crisis point without support. We see firsthand how a strong support network can make all the difference for someone living with dementia.

Understanding the importance of support around diagnosis, as well as ongoing needs, we provide bespoke care plans tailored for older adults living with dementia. This includes everything from professional companionship to personal care, medication reminders, and support for activities that stimulate cognitive function. Home care can begin with just a little help and companionship, and as needs change, the same team is there to provide stability and continuous care at home, which is invaluable in maintaining the quality of life for our clients.

Dementia support in Havant

What types of support can a Care Professional provide?

Our Home Instead Care Professionals can provide visiting care at home or live-in care in and around our lovely part of Hampshire, offering a range of support services from companionship to help with daily tasks, maintaining routines, encouraging social engagement, and delivering person-centred care that adapts as needs evolve.

This Dementia Action Week, our message is clear, seeking support can transform the lives of those living with the condition and their family caregivers. If you have any concerns or are looking for support for a loved one living with dementia, please get in touch with our team here at Home Instead Havant. Send us an online enquiry form on our website or contact us directly at 02394 249683 for a friendly and professional conversation, more information, and guidance.