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Take in the splendours of the season by visiting these outdoor spaces in Havant, from scenic spots to beautiful parkland and other places for some fresh air.

Every season should be jolly! Take advantage of the ever-changing seasons the next time you’re in Havant; make sure to stop by some of these scenic locations and vibrant parks on your next outing.

Getting outdoors, stretching our legs and embracing Mother Nature is important for everyone’s well-being, but for your elderly loved ones, it is even more vital.

There are plenty of great places in Havant to take senior friends and family to stretch their legs and soak in the ambience.

To name a few:

Staunton Park

A historic estate with beautifully landscaped parkland, this is a well-known beauty spot that is steeped in history – with a prime legacy during the Regency period.

With three main walking trails within the parkland Staunton Country Park provides plenty of options for an enjoyable day out in the beautiful Hampshire countryside.

  • Easy access (signposted by red way markers) – 2.6km
  • Medium walking trail (signposted by yellow way markers) – 2.2km
  • Long walking trail (signposted by blue way markers) – 5.1km

It has been developed into a key visitor attraction over the years which provides a number of extra facilities that make it an ideal place for elderly loved ones to stretch their legs and enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

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Creech Wood

Creech Wood, in Denmead, is one of those hidden gems for outdoor enthusiasts to discover.  A mosaic of woodland, historic interest, and peaceful walks, it’s a wonderful place to explore within the stunning South Downs landscape.

Walking in Creech Woods is a real treat.  There are no waymarkers or maps and routes can get muddy in winter but there are wide grassy rides to show the way through the forest – just watch for the weather and make sure you do not walk alone!

Your elderly loved one may enjoy taking their doggy along for a ramble through the myriad of old and young trees, but a word of caution – deer can occasionally be spotted in the early morning or dusk.

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Hayling Billy Trail

This flat and accessible path spans the length of Hayling Island, offering views of the coast, marshes, and local flora and fauna – an ideal place to come if you’re bringing someone who loves a stroll along a gorgeous coastline. A 5-mile trail, it’s not for everyone, but if your elderly loved one enjoys burning calories whilst bird spotting there is much to see all year round as the migration seasons constantly change the backdrop.

This route starts at the car park to the rear of the garage at North Hayling Halt, Havant Road, Hayling. It is signposted Hayling Billy Path.

The trail ends at the junction of Station Road and Sinah Lane in West Town.

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Billy’s Lake

Known by locals as “Soake Sandpits’, Billy’s Lake is a hidden treasure waiting to be explored by outdoor enthusiasts. A secluded lake and woodland area of approximately 10 acres, it is a haven for wildlife. Located in the ‘Denmead Gap’ between Denmead and Waterlooville, the beauty spot is being cared for by The Billy’s Lake Project – a local community initiative to maintain the woodland area so that it can be more readily accessed and enjoyed by all.

A disabled path down to the water has now been completed.

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Hollybank Woods:

Located near Emsworth, Hollybank Woods is a nature reserve with well-maintained footpaths that wind through ancient woodland. The tranquil ambience and diverse wildlife make it a fantastic place for a woodland walk. You can enjoy the natural beauty, listen to birdsong, and explore the trails.

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