3 Reasons Families in Havant Are Choosing Live-In Care

Discover 3 reasons why families choose our live-in care services for older adults in Havant, Hayling Island, Waterlooville, and Emsworth.

When it comes to ensuring our loved ones receive the care, support, and respect they deserve as they grow older, the comfort of home is incomparable. At Home Instead in Havant, we understand the importance of maintaining independence, dignity, and quality of life for older adults and for many live-in care is the best solution. 

So, what is live-in care? It’s a full-time at-home care solution where, unlike our home care visits, with live-in care our Care Professional lives with your loved one to provide daily support. It’s a service we offer to our clients here in Havant, Hayling Island, Waterlooville, and Emsworth. Clients choose live-in care for a multitude of heartfelt reasons. Here are three key reasons why families in Havant and surrounding areas find that live-in care is the best solution for them and trust us with their loved ones’ care.

1. Independence - Enabling clients to stay at home for longer

Many of our clients who opt for live-in care, do so because they now need more than our regular home care visits, but cherish the ability to stay in their familiar environment, maintaining their own routine, hobbies, and social connections. 

This sense of normalcy and autonomy is something that they do not want to give up. Because our approach to live-in care is deeply personal, clients can specify their unique care needs, preferences, and interests. This understanding forms the foundation of our service, allowing us to provide tailored care that can meet a client’s individual needs and preferences. 

Independence for clients

2. One to One Care - Transitioning back to home from residential care

Some clients choose live-in care because it allows them to return home after a stay in hospital or a residential care home. We’ve witnessed the positive impact of the focus that live-in care can bring firsthand; in fact we have a Home Instead Havant client who has transitioned back to her own home after living in a care home for two years. She is able to do this with dedicated live-in care, and with our services has flourished, her family say she is the best she has been for 7 years, enjoying a quality of life possible with one-to-one encouragement and support of our Care Professional. 

Stories from all our families, like this one who noticed their loved one thriving as never before after moving back home, underscore the effectiveness of one-to-one dedicated focused care. Our dedicated Care Professionals focus on encouraging daily activities, independence, and engagement, fostering an environment where older adults can not only live but thrive.

One to one care

3. Simplicity and Transparency - We arrange everything for you

Families often worry about the complexities of arranging live-in care. However, our process at Home Instead Havant is straightforward and respectful of both clients’ and Care Professionals’ needs. With just the requirement of a separate bedroom for our Care Professional, we can easily set up a comfortable living arrangement that works for everyone involved. We handle the practicalities, from dietary preferences to daily routines, with ease and respect. Our clear, simple approach makes arranging live-in care straightforward, and an accessible option for many families.

Simplicity and transparency, arranging everything for clients

Our approach isn’t just about meeting basic needs; we focus on matching our clients with suitable Care Professionals and creating tailored care plans that pivot around what they want and need. This dedication to bespoke care is one of the reasons our local Home Instead office has been rated OUTSTANDING by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), reflecting our commitment to excellence.

Choosing how to best care for an older adult is a significant decision, with considerations about quality of life, independence, and comfort. Home Instead Havant is dedicated to providing live-in care that not only meets these criteria but exceeds expectations, ensuring that each client enjoys a life full of joy, dignity, and autonomy in their own home.

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Our commitment to personalised care, combined with the ease of arranging our services, makes us a trusted choice for families in Havant, Hayling Island, Waterlooville, and Emsworth. For more information on how we can help your loved one live a fulfilling life at home, with live-in care or home care visits, please contact us at Home Instead Havant on 02394 249683, or explore our career opportunities if you’re inspired to make a difference every day.