Senior care Company support Denim for Dementia

Do you know anyone who is or has been affected by Dementia or Alzheimer’s? It’s an awful disease which can strip a person of all that they are right in front of your eyes and there is currently no cure.

Anna McIntee is the Alzheimer’s Society Ambassador for Harrogate and has written a blog about the Harrogate Does Denim for Dementia Day on 24th January 2020. Please take the time to read it and support the cause if you can. Even if you haven’t been affected by the disease yet, unfortunately the chances are that you will know someone who will in the future. Let’s raise awareness of this disease, help raise funds to find a preventative cure and give the families of Dementia & Alzheimer’s sufferers the support they need. Over to Anna…..

My name is Anna McIntee and 7 years ago my mother started to develop the very early signs of Alzheimers disease. She was 68 at the time. My 3 daughters were, 9, 7 and 3 years old and mum was a doting Granny to them. We spoke everyday on the phone and she came to help me whenever she could.  In the beginning the changes in mum were so small that even some family and friends didn’t notice. You even want to deny it yourself because the reality of disease is too difficult to face. However, gradually it progressed as we all know it does. Slowly it took away a piece of my mum bit by bit.  Each time when I would visit something would have gone… an ability or a memory. Last year it progressed so much that she had to go into a care home.  Luckily, she has settled in well and the home and staff are lovely.

My mum spent her life fundraising and caring for others. She volunteered in a disabled care home for over 40 years! And was also on an NSPCC fundraising committee for over 25 years. So, if anything good is going to come out of her illness then I am determined to raise as much money as possible for Alzheimer’s Society.  I know it will not bring her back, but it will raise awareness, help those that are currently living with the disease, and eventually a preventative cure will be found with the Alzheimer’s Society vital research funding.

Someone is diagnosed with the disease every 3 minutes in the UK and the youngest person to have it is 32 years old. By 2050 dementia will have overtaken cancer as the number one cause of death in the UK.

On Friday last she launched 'Harrogate wears Denim for Dementia'. 10 schools and 25 businesses all wore denim clothing and donated to the Alzheimer’s Society. If you wish to donate, you can send a cheque or do a bank transfer to the Alzheimer’s Society. Anne McIntee also has her own justgiving page if you wish to donate directly to her.

If you would like to get involved next year, please contact Anna directly on 07813 813440