Leading Care Company in Knaresborough Spreads theLOVE

Lisa Stirk Community Co-Ordinator at Home Instead was delighted to attend the Memory Lane Cafe in Knaresborough yesterday as a volunteer.

Since meeting Norman Smales, who refers to himself as the groups 'Big Buddy' in December 2018, Lisa has been volunteering every other week at the Dementia Friendly cafe held at Gracious Street, Knaresborough.

This week Lisa offered to bake a cake in the theme of 'Valentine's' as the group were undertaking a truffle making activity along with creating a presentation box so they could give them to their loved ones or family member as a gift on February 14th.

There were over 20 people attending this week and the atmosphere was fun and upbeat.  Lisa looks forward to attending the Knaresborough Dementia Action Alliance with Norman on Friday, which are working towards making the town as Dementia Friendly as possible with the help of local businesses and community groups.

Lisa is also looking forward to attending her 'Dementia Champion' training course in March, when she will be able to run dementia friends workshops.  Please call Lisa on 01423 774 490 if you are interested in running a workshop within your organisation.

Cake for Knaresborough Dementia Friendly cafe