June is Scams Awareness Month

During the month of June, the focus was on fraud and scam awareness and the key to help prevent scams and fraud on the elderly is working in partnership with other organisations including Action Fraud, National Trading Standards, the Police and Citizens Advice and raising awareness in the community

Citizens Advice research shows that 72% of people surveyed had been targeted by scammers over a 2-year period between 2015-2017, a third had been targeted 5 or more times.

Scams are a growing problem and more need to be reported.  Home instead Senior Care Harrogate, Ripon and Thirsk recently spoke to local radio stray FM to share their understanding of frauds and scams and why elderly people are targeted and what we can do to help.       

Why are elderly people targeted?

Our cognitive function can decline with age, which can lead to poor decision making leaving people vulnerable to being defrauded. Older people may not understand the tenacious door to door seller or cold caller, the 7-day cooling off period may not have been explained correctly or at all.

Availability- seniors can be at home more and can become a target

Some older people are lonely and isolated, families aren’t always living nearby so the parent doesn’t have anyone they trust nearby who can help them make the right decision making.

Some scammers come across as very friendly and may strike up a friendship only to defraud that person later.

As we age our health may restrict us from doing the DIY jobs on the house and in the garden, which can attract con artists

The prospect of retired seniors being wealthy can attract scammers, attacking their life savings and other assets

The impact on the elderly can cause emotional distress, loss of self-esteem, loss of independence, inability to recover financially.  

How we can help at Home Instead?

For us it’s all about raising awareness to keep our clients safe.

We work in partnership with National Trading Standards and all our employees have access to their on-line training, which they complete and must get 90% and above to pass and to achieve a certificate!

We offer community workshops on how to be fraud and scam aware and to keep safe

We have helpful tool kits on our website that can be downloaded for free entitled ‘senior fraud protection’ which includes helpful checklists for keeping scam safe on the telephone, via mail and on the internet

We report any scams that we are made aware of directly to Action Fraud and work closely with National Trading Standards and the Head of Investigations and Safeguarding at NYCC

To listen to our recent Stray FM interview, click below


To find out more about the fraud and scams education that we do and how we can support you, please call Harrogate 01423 774490, Ripon 01765 530400 or Thirsk 01845 440510

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