BBC Lunchtime News 13 June 2013 – CCTV Footage reveals care neglect - our letter to the Editor

Andrew Van Parys
Andrew Van Parys

Dear Editor

The footage obtained by the BBC and aired on the news this week (13th June) was a shocking example of a home care company failing one of their clients and causing them, and their family, undue distress.

The news report points to a lack of training, lack of respect for the role by the carers shown in the film and poor management on the part of the provider. This sort of behaviour is totally unacceptable, especially where care of the elderly is concerned. Companies and carers that are letting down the people they care for must be held to account.

Whilst in this case there are clearly individuals and companies at fault, it raises a bigger issue and this is the need for a change to the entire system. Having said this, without a fundamental change in society to become more caring, tolerant and respectful of the elderly (and each other), we will not progress.

But we would like to reassure older people and their families that there is, as Norman Lamb has said many companies providing exceptional care and that these shocking cases are in the minority not the majority. Good caregivers are a valuable part of any care business, they are exceptional people who have a genuine passion for caring, this must not be forgotten and importantly they must not be tarred with the same brush. 

As a company we will continue to bring pressure to bear on the government as they seek to put reform of our social care system in place and we will continue to lead by example, demonstrating that quality care, which places the needs and wishes of the elderly at the very centre of their care, is actually achievable and already happening.

As the owner of a local home care company in the Harrogate and Hambleton District, we understand that all our elderly citizens should have equal and deserved access to quality home care where it is needed.

Yours faithfully

Andrew Van Parys


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