Have You Ever Thought About a Career In Care ?

Happy #YouCanCare Week! The week’s all about showcasing the amazing work of our Care Professionals and highlighting why you should consider a career in care.

It’s not just a job, it’s a vocation. Full training and career progression paths mean you don’t need training before
you join. You’ll be treated as an individual just like each of our clients and there’s a personalised onboarding and
training programme suited to you so you can feel fully equipped to deliver care in people’s homes. That could be
anything from companionship and home help to personal care and more.

Here at Home Instead Harrogate, Ripon and Thirsk we believe working in care  is a rewarding career with fantastic opportunities.  We recently interviewed our very own Home Instead Care Professional Mandy  on her thoughts and insights  into the role:  

How long have you been a Care Professional ? 

"I have been part of the Home Instead team for over 8 years now which is testament to how fulfilling I find the role of Care Professional."

What was your previous career before Home Instead ?

"My background was nursing, but I found I was becoming increasingly frustrated at being too busy to stop and chat with patients for any length of time. I then began working for Home Instead and found that with the minimum visit time being one hour, this all changed. I have developed professional relationships with many clients over the years and find it a very rewarding role.''

What do you like about the role ?  

"Each day working as a Care Professional is different and some days may throw unexpected challenges at you which I enjoy. I have shared happy events with clients, such as milestone Birthdays and becoming a great grandparent, but have also supported clients with sad events in their lives."

What are some of the challenges as a Care Professional ?

"As with all jobs there are negatives, and due to the nature of being a Care Professional, this can be the passing of a client with whom you’ve developed a long relationship. However through this sadness you can feel proud that as a Care Professional you provided them with care, support and kindness to live out their final years in their own homes."

What do you love about your job ? 

"Not much can compare with the feeling you get on entering a client’s home to be met with a beaming smile and,  "I’m so pleased to see you!”

Thank you Mandy for sharing your story and for the great work that you do.  If Mandy has inspired you to consider a career in care, we would love to hear from you.  

 Find out more on our vacancies page https://www.homeinstead.co.uk/... #YouCanCare

Mandy -Care Professional