Supporting Family Carers in Ripon

Home Instead and their April campaign is all about supporting the whole family, not just the client and how professional care can fit into family life

Supporting Family Carers in Ripon

Home Instead provides care at home for people who may need support with everyday living to ensure they live well at home.  Support by the team of Home Instead Care Professionals is provided in and around the towns of Harrogate, Ripon and Thirsk.  The company works with the whole family to ensure their loved one is safe and well every day .

Many family members live further away  due to work and relationships or they could be living nearby but have their own young family to look after and work to deal with as well as ageing parents.  Looking after a loved one can be stressful and challenging especially if that person is living with an illness or progressive disease.

Home Instead understands how hard it can be for families and works with the whole family, not just the client and knows that professional care can fit in to the care the family provide with a flexible approach ranging from hourly visits to live in care.

Our Take Care campaign, which got coverage in the Daily Mail, highlighted how many family carers are struggling with their responsibilities. With the research suggesting that when it comes to carers, 88 per cent neglect their own health and wellbeing, 65 per cent struggle with their mental health, and 31 per cent feel they are at breaking point.

Sheena Van Parys co owner of Home Instead states; ‘ we know how hard it is to be a family carer, juggling your own family and work plus caring for parents, I went through this recently myself and as a family we reached out for support from professional carers.  Family carers can reach breaking point and the research shows that 88 per cent neglect their own health and wellbeing .’

The difference that professional carers can make to family situations is life changing.  Home Instead in Ripon are currently supporting a family who don’t live nearby and they step in to provide the support , here is some fantastic feedback from the daughter regarding Home Instead Care Professional Natalie :

‘Natalie knows mum really well and she is always so lovely with her. Today and yesterday she had to deal with a broken socket for the washing machine as well as getting mum ready for the hairdresser and talking to the neighbour and electrician and to me on the phone. She is so brilliant and together. First, she told me what was wrong with the socket, then she calmly did all the relevant tasks for mum, and most important of all, she kept mum laughing throughout the whole thing. Natalie has a lovely personality and sense of humour and mum’s face really lights up when she’s around (as I saw at Xmas). Nothing is too much of a chore for her and my sister and I really appreciate everything she does. She’s an amazing human being and we’d love it if she could visit mum even more regularly. Thank you Natalie – you are a brilliant carer and mum loves you.’

‘Natalie has been wonderful in her role as carer for my mum  and I want to thank her so much for all that she does. She has been a wonderful support to mum in hospital and she gave her such a fantastic welcome when she returned home. I know how lucky we are to have carers like Natalie and I can’t begin to express my appreciation.’

Trust is key to building that relationship with the family and to give the family confidence that their loved one will be safe and well with the professional carer stepping in to support the family and to help alleviate some of the pressures and it allows you time to be that son or daughter again.

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