Chloe answers some questions about our Live-In Service

Chloe Owen - Head of Client Experience

Q1: Do you think that people know that we offer Live-In Care?

I don’t think that our Live-In Care service is as well-known as our Domiciliary Care.

Q2: Do you think that enough of our existing clients know we offer Live-In Care?

I don’t think all our existing clients know that we offer Live-In Care.

Q3: Do you think that people are nervous about having a carer living in their home?

Yes, I think it is a big step to open their home to have someone live in. I also believe there is a stigma about what a Live-In Carer may be like, and that the client does not have the option to choose the right type of person for them to build a bond and relationship with the carer. The support provided by a live-in carer is centred around each client as an individual, so the client can remain living at home with support in a way that makes them feel comfortable and receive care according to their preferences.

Q4: What have you learned about Live-In Care and service since working in your current role?

I have learned that Live-In Care can be a great success for both client and carer once the perfect match is found. This is why the person-centred care plan, focusing on the client’s preferences and wishes as well as their needs, the mini-biography of the potential carer, and the chance to meet them beforehand are so important. It is lovely to see such great relationships form, with the carer becoming part of the family instead of just their ‘carer’. The companionship and emotional support from a live-in carer are just as important as the personal care and help that is needed.

Q5: Working with the Live-In Carers, do you have any advice for clients nervous about trying Live-In Care?

Many of our clients are nervous about Live-In Care for the first time, which we understand. Most, if not all, of our clients who choose to start Live-In Care with us continue for many years. We personally interview all our Live-In carers to ‘get a feel’ for them. They are required to have a minimum of 3 years of experience as a Live-In Carer, ensuring that they have enough experience to provide the level of support and care we expect for our clients. We build great relationships with our Live-In carers, and they receive ongoing training and support.

Q6: Finally, do you think that Live-In Care with Home Instead is a better option for clients than a Care Home?

Although this is down to personal preference, I do believe Live-In care at home is a better option than a care home. Remaining at home with care allows the client to be in familiar surroundings, providing comfort and familiarity during what can be a very unfamiliar and upsetting time if their health declines. Care at home allows the client to receive one-on-one care, support, and companionship that is personalised to their preferences, needs, and wishes. There are no time constraints or restrictions, allowing the client to continue with their daily routine without disturbance, including social visits from friends and family. We work very closely with a variety of healthcare professionals to fully support the client in all aspects of their health and care needs, meaning there is no reason for the client not to remain in the comfort of their own home.

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