Health & Social Care Careers Pathways

Whether you’re looking to pursue a new career, or are considering personal development, we have a multitude of options to help you develop a career in Health & Social Care

Home Instead proudly offers free, extensive and recognised training for all of their staff in order to give both employees and clients the best chance of success. In addition to this, there are other revenues of learning that can be chosen to gain the most knowledge possible.

  1. NVQs – There are many different NVQ choices dependent on your current working level. We have listed below the most common NVQs that we offer and recommend for a role in care.
  • A beginner would start with an NVQ level 2.
  • A more confident carer would study an NVQ 3.
  • Someone in a ‘Key Player Role’ is also advised to do an NVQ 3, but it is not necessary.
  • ‘Key Players’ with managerial responsibilities would need to study NVQ 5

2. ‘Champions’ – For those who have a particular interest in a certain area of health and care, becoming a ‘champion’ is a great way to share that knowledge with others as well as implementing new processes, support groups and more. Becoming a ‘champion’ is usually recommended for those who have experience in the specific area they’re championing.

An example of some Champions are:

  • Mental Health
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Dementia
  • Training
  • Wellness
  • Employee Champion

  1. Specialised Training – In addition to the standardised training provided to all staff, there are specialised trainings offered to all, funded by Home Instead. These are recommended to staff based on their current clients and their needs. Our most common trainings that are given to nearly all staff are: Dementia, End of life care, Stoma care and Catheter care.

Other examples of specialised care trainings we can provide are:

  • Parkinson’s
  • MS
  • Mental Health
  • Convene

There is an opportunity for everyone at Home Instead, we really believe in internal promotions and career choices.

From field roles, to office roles, there’s something for everyone. Our office team provide perfect examples of what a career in care can look like.

Amanda - Head of New Client Experience

Care Professional to Field Care Supervisor to Head of Client Experience to Head of New Client Experience within 3 years of joining

Nicola - Care Manager Godalming & Guildford

Care Professional to Recruiter to Training Manager to Deputy Care Manager to Care Manager to Multi-Site Care Manager within 10 years of joining

Mandy - Deputy Care Manager

Care Professional to Field Care Supervisor to Deputy Care Manager within 4 years of joining

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External Career Pathways

Home Instead works as fantastic stepping stone to other Health and Social Care roles due to it’s excellent training and support system. Many of our staff start with us and pursue other ventures when they feel they are experienced enough.

Working as frontline care staff can massively support university applications, either standard or mature applications as it shows knowledge and dedication to your chosen field.

It also proves that you have experienced first hand the difficulties of the vulnerable adults we support and so can demonstrate empathy based on understanding and therefore become a better and more effective health & social care professional.

Some of the popular choices of Health and Social Care careers are:

  1. Occupational Therapist
  2. Paediatrician
  3. Psychological Therapists
  4. Midwifery
  5. Nurse
  6. Social Worker

To learn more about your options, visit the NHS site here.