Fun Places To Feed The Ducks in Surrey and West Sussex

What can be more classic than a day out feeding the ducks? Treat your elderly relatives to these finest of duck spots in and around South West Surrey and West Sussex

It’s a classic activity as old as time. For centuries wherever the two meet, people have been feeding ducks by rivers, ponds and lakes. With the weather now fairer and the ducks as cute as ever, it’s a fantastic time of year to take your elderly loved ones out for the age-old favourite pastime that is feeding the ducks. However not all duck ponds are equal, and if you want nothing but the best ducky experience make sure you take your loved ones to the right spots.

Broadwater Lake, Farncombe

Just off the main road sits a selection of activities, suitable for all ages. From climbing frames to duck pond, there’s something for everyone. Unlike many other sites, Broadwater park benefits from a concrete path which allows for a more even surface. You’ll often find cyclists and children on their scooters on the path, still leaving plenty of space for walkers. In addition to the scenery, it’s also a preferred spot on a hot day due to the leafy shelter provided by the trees, whilst still having sun rays beaming occasionally from above. Not forgetting potentially the best thing about this the location…the waffle van! Their Strawberries and Cream waffle with a coffee is a must.

Lower Street, Shere

In and amongst the quaint village of Shere you’ll find River Tillingbourne with Duck feeding access on Lower Street. This location is perfect for those who don’t want a long walk and prefer a leisurely stroll amongst picturesque streets. Along the side of the river you’ll even find a small section of cobbled path accompanied by wooden benches and Weeping Willows.

For recommendations of places to eat in Shere, visit our ‘Great lunch spots in Surrey and West Sussex’

Woodhill Lane, Shamley Green

Driving through Shamley green you will notice lots of things; café’s, pubs, village stores and greens, but amongst all this, hidden away behind flowing grass is a little pond. There is a bench sitting on the edge of the pond, allowing visitors to sit and look over the rippling water with shelter from hanging leaves of a nearby tree. The benefit of this location is the open space surrounding it, allowing for picnics and a short stretch of the legs with no concerns of treacherous paths. Shamley Green has a selection of nearby food choices from a light lunch to a more filling meal.

Warren Pond and Cuttmill Pond, Puttenham Common

With two ponds to choose from, Puttenham common is a popular choice for the locals and those farther afield. Families, dog walkers and ramblers all idealise this location for its beauty and it’s ease of location (including it’s three car parks!) For a shorter walk around a smaller pond, we suggest parking at Puttenham common middle car park and walking briefly down the country lane to Cuttmill Pond on Cuttmill Lane. Both sites benefit from sheltered sections and open areas for the best of both worlds! Some areas of the path are slightly tricky, so we suggest taking care when walking and ensuring that the most appropriate foot wear is worn to increase grip and safety.

Village Pond, Wisborough Green

Despite it being small in size, it is a local favourite for multiple reasons…it even has a news article written about it (click here to read). The pond is clearly well looked after and well loved, so much so the ducks got their own duck house built for them by a local father son duo! If you’re seeking a calming location to sit and watch the world go by, pop yourself onto one of the benches that sits on the edge of the pond and enjoy the nature. Feeling peckish? Pop to one of the local food spots that are conveniently located less than 5 minutes away.

Storrington Duck Pond, Pulborough

Located in the idyllic village of Storrington is a lovely duck pond that sits alongside the main road. With space for cars just in front, this location is perfect for a gentle stroll amongst the trees with a benched seating area and a paved footpath. There are plenty of fish to be been seen in the pond also. The water foundation makes for a calming scene, with lilypads floating gently on the water’s surface. Around the edge of the pond is various locations that allow for a visitor to get up close and personal with the ducks and the water…but be careful not to fall in! There is free grain with an optional donation box that visitors can use to feed the ducks with, which is a much better alternate to bread. A permanent fixture at this pond is the two life size artificial swans, placed there to deter Canada Geese from nesting.

As many of the other ponds previously, there are plenty of food options around if you decide to extend your visit.

When feeding ducks, always remember to do so responsibly! While bread is the traditional choice, it’s always best to offer wholegrain bread where possible and to add variety with oats, seeds, lettuce and peas. While bread isn’t bad for ducks per se, neither is it very good for them. Filling up on bread makes them less inclined to forage for more nutritious food and could lead to malnutrition. If the bread is stale or mouldy, it can also make them ill.

Exercise restraint and make sure that everyone enjoys your day out, whether they have hair or feathers, while experiencing the great British outdoors. If you like the look of a ducky outing with the family, find out more about supported living in this area and see if home care with Home Instead Godalming and Pulborough could be right for your loved ones.