Join our Dementia Expert Session on 1 May

Dr Jennifer Bute, retired GP, will be joining us on 1st May to host our upcoming free-to-attend dementia expert session in Gloucester.

Jennifer is a retired GP who, at the age of 63, was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. She had started to notice symptoms, including not recognising people who were familiar with her and getting lost when navigating the community, when she was in her late 50s and still a practicing GP. Jennifer is a published author, and is passionate about sharing her experiences, challenges and strategies to help people understand and live with dementia.

Jennifer faced difficulty when it came to getting a diagnosis for the life-changing symptoms she was experiencing, something many individuals experience when they or a loved one notice changes in aspects of their life such as memory, behaviour or communication. With her professional background in supporting patients with dementia, and her own personal experiences, Jennifer shares her unique perspective on living with dementia to support others along their journey.

Jennifer has a website where she shares resources that give useful information and insights for both adults and children to understand dementia. She is also the published author of Dementia From The Inside: A Doctor’s Personal Journey of Hope, a book which documents her life, both prior to and since her dementia diagnosis in 2009. Jennifer highlights how, although dementia has changed her life and presents challenges, it is also an opportunity for those with the disease and those around them.

Dementia Expert Session

Wednesday 1st May 2024
5pm – 6pm

BizSpace, Corinium House
Corinium Avenue, Barnwood

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