Three Historical Outings in Glasgow

Are you wondering where in Glasgow, Scotland is rich in history? Are you planning a trip with a senior to explore historic venues in the city? We have the answers right here.

Glasgow is one of Scotland‘s most vibrant cities and is filled with rich and interesting history. For those wanting to explore Glasgow‘s past, there is no shortage of amazing historical attractions and activities to check out. From interactive museums to quaint neighbourhoods, here are three historical outings that you must experience in Glasgow.

The Riverside Museum

The Riverside Museum is Glasgow’s renowned transport museum, which houses a massive collection of cars, bicycles and trams. You will get the chance to explore a range of exhibits, visit a recreated 1930s street and learn more about the impact of transport on the city’s history. Full of interactive displays and hands-on activities, the museum is an ideal outing for both kids and adults.

The Necropolis

The Necropolis is a Victorian cemetery located just outside Glasgow Cathedral. A hugely popular cemetery at the time, the necropolis boasted some of the city’s most influential figures, including members of the International Order of Odd Fellows and members of the Free Gardeners. A stroll through the Necropolis will be filled with awe as you take in the grand mausoleums, tombs and monuments that are nestled among the gravestones.

The Burrell Collection

This is one of the most important art collections in Scotland. Located in Pollok Country Park, it is home to a remarkable collection of over 9,000 objects, collected by shipping magnate Sir William Burrell over seven decades ago. From Chinese porcelain to Iron Age tools, the wealth of knowledge to be gained from exploring this site is infinite.