The best comfort food in Folkestone, Hythe and Ashford to get you through the Autumn

Steep Street Coffee House

Address: 18, 24 The Old High St, Folkestone CT20 1RL, United Kingdom

What to Try: Cakes & Coffee

Ah, where better to begin than with dessert? If one’s a fan of cakes, Steep Street Coffee House offers a heaven-like Victoria sponge cake. The sponge, cream, and jam dance in harmony with every bite. Not a Victoria sponge fan? Worry not, the banana bread here is so generous, that it’s practically a meal in itself. And do give the oat milk hot chocolate a sip; it warms you right from the first taste.

Atmosphere & Staff

With an ambience that brings books and coffee together in a charming setup, Steep Street creates an irresistible pull for anyone looking for comfort. Staff members greet everyone, with a friendly smile, making the experience delightful.

Final Thoughts

This is the place where cake meets comfort, and it’s an essential Folkestone stop for anyone with a sweet tooth this Autumn.

The White Hart

Address: 71 High St, Hythe CT21 5AJ

What to Try: Sunday Roast and Fish & Chips

The White Hart serves comfort food that truly captures the essence of British tradition. The Sunday roast is a must-try, especially the mixed meat option, which comes with a velvety carrot purée and perfect crackling. For something a little less conventional, give the children’s fish and chips a try—it’s so good that it’s not just for the kids!

Atmosphere & Staff

If a seat by the fireplace sounds appealing, then The White Hart will be your favourite Autumn spot. Coupled with the warmth of the staff, who go out of their way to accommodate families and pets alike, this is a cosy sanctuary for all.

Final Thoughts

For hearty meals and a cosy atmosphere that makes you feel right at home, The White Hart is the place to go this autumn.

Rocksalt Folkestone

Address: 4-5 Fishmarket, Folkestone, Kent CT19 6AA Nearest Train Station: Folkestone Central

What to Try:

For those who appreciate the finer aspects of seafood, Rocksalt is a treasure trove. The hot seafood platter stands out as a superb choice, a celebration of the ocean’s bounty served on a plate. If you’re not inclined toward seafood, there are options that cater to various preferences, ensuring a delightful dining experience for all.

Atmosphere and Staff:

The restaurant’s ambiance complements the charm of the coastal surroundings. The staff, known for their knowledge and warmth, elevate the dining experience. They don’t just serve meals; they share their passion for the cuisine and the region, making each visit an opportunity to learn and savour.

Final Thoughts:

Rocksalt Folkestone is marked by incredible seafood, it is a hidden gem that deserves to be uncovered time and time again, for a leggy lunch or a memorable dinner by the harbour. It’s a culinary treasure in the heart of Folkestone.

Everest Inn Ashford

Address: Saturn House, 113 Station Rd, Ashford TN23 1PJ

What to Try:

Everest Inn Ashford invites you to embark on a culinary adventure with the Thali, a selection of diverse dishes that showcase the rich tapestry of Nepalese and Indian flavours. Whether you’re a connoisseur of these cuisines or a newcomer, the Thali offers a delightful introduction. Don’t miss the garlic chilli prawn and the rack of lamb starters, which are known for their scrumptious appeal.

Atmosphere and Staff:

The restaurant is an ideal setting for a family meal, a celebration, or a romantic dinner. The staff are attentive. They create an atmosphere where you feel like an honoured guest rather than just a customer.

Final Thoughts:

If you’re in Ashford and have a hankering for exceptional Nepalese and Indian cuisine, this is the place to be. It’s a culinary gem that promises an unforgettable dining experience.

Cake Box Ashford

Address: 13 High St, Ashford TN24 8TH

What to Try: Custom Cakes & Muffins

For those who love cakes with a touch of personalisation, Cake Box is a dream come true. Their easy-to-order system makes it simple to get a cake that captures your mood. But even if you’re in a rush, the pre-made options never disappoint. The muffins here deserve a special mention. Soft, fluffy, and packed with flavour, they are perfect for an on-the-go comfort treat.

Atmosphere & Staff

From the moment you step in, you’re welcomed warmly by the staff, and the vibe is relaxed and casual. The straightforward service ensures that you can focus on choosing the cake or muffin of your heart’s desire without any fuss.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to sweet indulgences that comfort and delight, Cake Box in Ashford is a must-visit. Whether it’s for a special occasion or just a weekday pick-me-up, their range of flavours and fillings will surely lift your spirits.

Davies Family Bakery

Address: 258 Beaver Rd, Ashford TN23 7SP, United Kingdom

What to Try: Doughnuts & Fresh Bread

At Davies Family Bakery, the finger doughnuts filled with custard are a culinary hug in a bite. If sweet isn’t your thing, their freshly baked bread serves as the ideal base for any comforting sandwich or toastie you can dream up.

Atmosphere & Staff

The moment you walk into this bakery, it’s clear why it’s a gem in the community. The staff are always friendly, always happy to offer advice or even a fresh slice of ham for your dog if you’ve got a fluffy companion with you.

Final Thoughts

Davies Family Bakery captures the essence of what a local bakery should be—exceptional handmade goods, a cosy atmosphere, and staff who treat you like family. It’s a place that makes you wonder why small, local bakeries are ever in danger of fading away.

In conclusion, as the leaves fall and the autumn breeze sets in, there’s no better time to indulge in the heartwarming comfort food that Folkestone, Hythe, and Ashford have to offer. From the sumptuous dishes that fill your belly to the sweet delights that warm your soul, these local eateries provide the perfect culinary companionship for the season. The rich flavours and cosy ambience are sure to make your autumn memorable.

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