Creating Positive Experiences with Older Adults Living with Dementia in and around Wye

Dementia is a condition that affects millions of people worldwide. It is a progressive disease that causes problems with memory, thinking, and behaviour. One of the challenges of dementia is how it can affect a person’s ability to enjoy everyday activities, including spending time with loved ones. However, with the right care and support, it is possible to create meaningful experiences for older adults living with dementia.

In this article, we will explore some age-friendly attractions in Kent that can provide enjoyable experiences for those living with dementia.

Brook Agricultural Museum

Located in the quaint village of Brook, between Ashford and Wye, Brook Agricultural Museum is a must-visit for anyone interested in local agricultural history. Housed in a Grade I listed barn and a Grade II listed oast house, this unique museum showcases an impressive collection of Kent-related agricultural artefacts. Visitors can explore the site, learn about its history, buildings, and collections while enjoying guided tours throughout the year. The Wye Rural Museum Trust, which runs the museum, warmly welcomes volunteers to get involved in preserving this piece of history. Our clients particularly love the Oast House and appreciate the warm welcome from museum volunteers.

Brockhill Country Park

Brockhill Country Park is a beautiful park located in Hythe. The park has many walking trails and benches where visitors can sit and enjoy the beautiful scenery. For those living with dementia, walking in nature can provide a calming effect and improve their mood. Walking is also a great form of exercise that can help maintain physical health. Brockhill Country Park also has a sensory garden that can stimulate the senses and encourage exploration.

The Hawking Centre

The Hawking Centre, located in the stunning gardens, woodland, and parkland of Eastwell Manor, is Kent and the South East’s premier Falconry and Bird of Prey Experience Centre. This is the perfect weekend destination for sharing an unforgettable experience with grandchildren. The centre offers exclusive falconry sessions with a variety of birds of prey, including Owls, Hawks and Vultures.

Visitors praise the warm welcome they receive from the knowledgeable falconers, who are passionate about their work and the magnificent birds they care for. With small group sizes and 1-1 experiences, each participant gets a chance to interact with multiple birds of prey.

Wye National Nature Reserve

Wye National Nature Reserve is a beautiful nature reserve located in Wye. The reserve has many walking trails meandering through the hills and woods. Walking is also a great form of exercise that can help maintain physical health. The reserve has many different types of wildlife, including birds and butterflies, which can arouse the senses and encourage exploration.

Helpful Resources

In addition to these engaging attractions, Kent also offers several helpful resources to assist individuals with dementia and their carers, including:

Sing-a-Longs. Join the Singing Back the Memories group for some fantastic sing-a-longs from the comfort of home.

Urgent Support. If you’re loved one needs urgent dementia support, it’s essential you know who to call. Here are the main contact numbers for Kent.

Carers’ Support East Kent. This registered charity supports those who care unpaid for a relative. Contact them for information and help in caring for your loved one living with dementia.

Dementia Cafés in Folkestone & Deal. Dementia cafés offer a welcoming environment for individuals living with dementia, as well as their friends and family members. These gatherings provide a space for attendees to share experiences, access support, and engage in activities in a relaxed atmosphere.

Folkestone Dementia Cafe: The Marigold Centre, 65 Shaftesbury Avenue CT19 4NS (new dates coming soon)

Deal Dementia Cafe: 3rd Wednesday of the month, 10 am at The Deal Centre, 3 Park Street Deal CT14 6AG

Final Thoughts

Creating memorable and positive experiences for older adults living with dementia can be challenging, but it is absolutely achievable. By exploring age-friendly attractions in and around Wye, we can provide enjoyable experiences for those living with dementia, stimulating their minds, encouraging conversation, and improving their mood in a calming environment.

At Home Instead Folkestone, Hythe & Ashford, our dedicated owner, Kishore Sapkota, is passionate about making a difference in the lives of older adults. Kishore believes in the power of good care to transform someone’s life, and with his background in running a successful restaurant business, he understands the importance of delivering tailored, high-quality service to each individual client.

Raised in a large family, Kishore learned to respect and value older people, and he’s committed to giving back to his community by offering the kind of care he would want for his own family members. As an active member of the Folkestone Nepalese Community and Folkestone Rotary Club, Kishore is deeply connected to the area we serve.

Our compassionate care professionals at Home Instead can support your loved one in enjoying the activities and attractions Wye has to offer while providing the care they need.

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