8 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Safer for Older Loved Ones in Folkestone

Ensuring the safety and comfort of older loved ones at home is a top priority for many families. As people age, the risk of accidents and injuries at home increases. With a few simple steps, you can create a safer living environment for your older relatives in Folkestone. 

Here are eight ways to make your home more secure for ageing family members:

Remove tripping hazards:

Clutter, loose rugs, and electrical cords can pose a significant risk of falls for older people. Clear walkways and living areas of unnecessary items, secure loose rugs with non-slip pads or double-sided tape, and keep electrical cords neatly organised and out of the way.

Improve lighting:

Poor lighting can make it difficult for older people to see obstacles and navigate their surroundings. Ensure all rooms, hallways, and stairways are well-lit, and consider installing night lights in areas where your loved one frequently walks during the night, such as the bathroom or kitchen.

Install grab bars and handrails:

Installing grab bars in the bathroom and handrails on stairs can provide extra support for older loved ones who may struggle with balance or mobility. Place grab bars near the toilet and in the shower or bathtub to help prevent falls, and ensure handrails are securely attached to walls along staircases.

Adjust furniture layout:

Rearrange furniture to create clear, open pathways throughout the home, making it easier for older adults to move around without bumping into objects. Consider removing or repositioning any furniture with sharp edges or corners that could cause injuries if fallen against.

Non-slip flooring: 

Slippery surfaces, especially in the bathroom and kitchen, can be hazardous for your older loved ones. Install non-slip flooring or mats in these areas to reduce the risk of falls. Additionally, make sure any spills are cleaned up promptly to prevent accidents.

Easy-to-reach storage: 

As people age, reaching high shelves or bending down to access low cupboards can become difficult and even dangerous. Organise frequently used items in easy-to-reach locations, such as waist-level shelves or drawers. Consider installing pull-out shelves in cabinets to make it easier for your older loved ones to access their belongings without straining or overexerting themselves.

Enhanced Care with Home Instead:

Home Instead offers an Enhanced Care service that includes the use of sensors, a Home Care App, and Safe Home Alert technology. The home care app provides access to a curated selection of over 250 health and care apps, including those tailored to age-related conditions like dementia and Parkinson’s. These apps have been rigorously tested for usability, reliability, and quality by experts and are compatible with both Apple and Android devices.

Safe Home Alert:

Safe Home Alert is a combination of discreet home care sensor technology and Artificial Intelligence. The system monitors your loved one’s activity, providing reassurance that everything is as expected, and raises alerts if any changes in patterns are detected. This technology helps families stay informed about their older relatives’ wellbeing, while also allowing them to maintain their independence and dignity.

By implementing these eight simple steps, you can create a safer and more comfortable home environment for your older loved ones in Folkestone. Home Instead’s Enhanced Care services can further support your family by providing

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