Say It Now the Perfect Way to Say "Thank you"

Show someone how much you care by bringing family and friends together for a day of celebration with our complimentary service.

Helping You to Say It Now

We all have a special someone who has shaped our lives, someone who means more to us than perhaps they know. We think about telling them, we want to tell them, but sometimes we don’t know how. Today is the day to change that!

Gratitude can be a powerful and transformative way to promote better emotional health, and as we get older, that approach matters. Studies show that happier people are generally healthier people for it. Our Say It Now Service is designed to help you show someone that you see them and they matter. 

Let us help you Say It Now.

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family gathered and celebrating their grandma

Creating Your Special
Say It Now Day

Our Say It Now Service offers an extraordinary way to tell someone you care.

We’ll book everything you need to make a day of it. Including:

  • A party or a day with family and friends
  • A gift to say “thank you”
  • A photographer to capture special moments
  • And an interview with your loved one to capture their life story, which we will publish in an album along with your photos.

And the best bit? We cover 100% of the cost!

Joan's 100th Birthday

Not everyone reaches 100, but when Joan Playfair, a long-term client, did, we knew we had to throw a party!

Friends and family came from far and wide to celebrate and raise a toast to our remarkable centenarian alongside her team of Care Pros. We chatted, ate cake, and listened as she told us some of her favourite stories – her face alight with joy and laughter.

“I had a wonderful day. There were so many faces I hadn’t seen for a while. I can’t believe they all came,” said Joan. “Thank you!”

Joan Playfair with Mahdi Kazemzadeh

Booking Your Say It Now Service
is Easy!

Call our team on 01252 758 716, and we will help you make all the preparations. That’s right, we’ll create and prepare an entirely bespoke day for you and your loved one – at no cost!

Say It Now Service FAQs

Q: How much does the Say It Now Service cost?

This is a free service from the Older Wiser Together Team.

Q: Why is Older Wiser Together offering this for free?

Older Wiser Together is on a mission to celebrate 1 million moments of gratitude, and we’d like you and your loved one to join us on that journey. 

We believe that gratitude and love can provide vital emotional support as we age, so we want to help you take the time to show your love for someone who has impacted your life. It will be good for you and great for them.

Q: Is this in partnership with Home Instead?

Yes. Our founder, Mahdi Kazemzadeh, is a multi-franchisee with Home Instead. Older Wiser Together supports local initiatives and Home Instead clients.

Q: Is this for Home Instead clients only?


Q: Where will the party be held?

We will start by running events at our Farnborough, Farnham and Fleet Home Instead branch in Farnborough.

Q: How many people can I invite?

In most cases, events will be held at your loved one’s home, so please take that into account when helping us plan.

Q: What goes in the album?

Your loved one will receive a complimentary album with photos, messages and their life story.

Q: Can I order additional copies of the photo album?


We are happy to give the recipient an album celebrating their day for free and can arrange extra copies for an additional cost.

Q: Can you help me deliver a special message and gift if we can’t throw a party?

We understand that not everyone lives close enough to get to a party, so we would be more than happy to deliver a message and a gift to your loved one instead. We can even record a short video message from you and record their reaction.

Q: Should I arrange the day to coincide with my loved one’s birthday?

To us, every day is worth celebrating a loved one, so yes, you can choose to dedicate your gratitude on their birthday or another special day. But please don’t feel limited to dates that resonate; you can choose any day you like.

Maybe Mum recently had a fall and is finding it tough to get back on her feet emotionally. Let’s put that smile back on her face with a get-together.

Or maybe your Uncle Jack helped raise you, and you attribute your success to his care and guidance. Let’s take some time to help you say “Thank you.”

Book Your Say It Now Day on 01252 758 716