Bring Back Your Social Life with Home Instead Farnborough’s Elderly Friendly Transport

Enrich your loved one's journey to independence with Home Instead's accessibility vehicle.

Journey with Home Instead Farnborough as we blend home care services with our elderly friendly transport to transform accessible transportation for those with limited mobility. Delve into our holistic care approach, paving a new path in home Instead Farnham and Surrounds, and redefining independence.

Challenges in Elderly Friendly Transport

The inability to drive, often due to aging or a shift to compact living, can pose profound challenges, impacting a person’s daily life. Such loss can hinder your loved ones from social interactions, pursuing hobbies, attending medical appointments, and leading an active lifestyle.

Moreover, those dependent on wheelchairs face added challenges with scant appropriate elderly friendly transport options. Traditional public transport and taxis, especially in areas like Farnborough, Fleet, and Farnham, don’t always provide the needed accessibility, leaving wheelchair users longing for more freedom. These challenges amplify the need for innovative, elderly-focused transport solutions.

Empowering Independence, Redefining Senior Mobility

Recognising these challenges, Home Instead Farnborough, Fleet, Farnham offers a solution that goes beyond mere transportation. Our Companionship package integrates home care with community transport, ensuring clients can attend events, medical appointments, or simply enjoy a day out.

For our wheelchair-dependent clients in Farnham, Fleet, and Farnborough, we’ve introduced an affordable wheelchair-accessible car rental at just £25 per day. This not only answers mobility needs but also offers a practical and cost-effective transport solution.

Please note that to use the service you will be invited to join one of our Companionship packages. Our Care Professionals are all insured to drive the vehicle and being a Care Professionals first, they are fully trained and assessed on how to support their clients safely in and out of the vehicle.

Home Instead Farnborough’s Care Professionals are more than drivers. They’re adept caregivers offering diverse services – from errand runs, meal preps, to home maintenance, ensuring comprehensive support within the warm confines of one’s home.

Setting a Benchmark in Home Care across Farnham and Surrounds

Our elderly friendly transport in Farnborough and Farnham coupled with our companionship services has led to:

Boosted Mobility & Independence:

Clients witness enhanced mobility, and a boost in their independence, enabling them to partake in community events and lead a fulfilling life.

Accessible and Affordable Transportation:

Our wheelchair-friendly cars, priced at £25 per day, tackle the often-prohibitive costs of accessible transport, making it attainable for many.

Holistic Care Approach:

Our care goes beyond mere transport. It’s a comprehensive, heartwarming approach that spans emotional support, physical comfort, and overall life quality, standing tall against traditional options.

Dedicated to enriching older lives

Home Instead Farnborough, through its commitment to home care in Farnborough and Surrounds, seeks to address mobility challenges. Our Companionship package, alongside our wheelchair-accessible vehicles, resonates with our mission to enrich the lives of the elderly. Through our solutions, we empower them to reclaim their independence and partake in life’s joys.

To join our Companionship package or to learn more, ring Home Instead at 01252 758 716 or contact us below.

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