Opportunities for the over 50s

The chancellor and Farnham MP, Jeremy Hunt
says not employing over 50s is a waste
of talent

There’s something strange going on out there in the world of work. According to a recent BBC article, quoting the chancellor, and one of our local MP’s, Farnham’s Jeremy Hunt, there are over 300,000 fewer people in employment than before the pandemic. A good number of these are over 50 who left following furlough and do not want to re join the ‘rat race’ and up to 58% of these people would not be considered by employers who prefer a younger workforce.

Thankfully there are some good employers offering valued positions in rewarding roles that look for life skills and personality over qualifications and specific job experience. Located on the Surrey, Hants and Berkshire boarders are Home Instead, a home care company that offers rates of pay not normally associated with the sector and who already have an active and valuable community of care professionals over 50 years old that benefited from paid training. As Mr Hunt said, ‘’to not employ the over 50’s is a waste of talent.’’ It would appear that Home Instead’s Farnborough and Ascot offices agree.