Live-In Care for Couples: Sharing Golden Years in Farnham

Let's look at your Live-In Care in Farnham options.

As we get older, enjoying our golden years as a couple is something we want to hang on to. But we are often told that long-term or complex care makes staying together impossible. Live-in Care pushes that notion aside, helping you both stay together longer at home, where all your memories are.

In our latest Home Instead article, we want to share some of our stories about senior couple care to show you how possible staying together is.

What does Live-in Care in Farnham look like?

With Home Instead, Live-in Care provides your loved ones with assistance tailored to their needs. We start by meeting the couple and assessing where care would help build confidence and security in choosing to stay home.

Services can include:

  • Overnight Care – We have an expert team of Care Pros available for overnight care so you can feel loved ones are supported with sleep-in or waking-night services.
  • Respite Care – Giving you, the primary caregiver, a break with our Care Pro assistance.
  • Domiciliary Care – Helping your loved ones with household chores.
  • Clinical and Specialist Care – We assist you and your health care professionals with auxiliary services, from documenting Dad’s blood pressure to helping Mum with Alzheimer’s care. 
  • Palliative Care – Giving loved ones a dignified and comfortable option to stay home with family. 

Live-in care for couples is available with us on a part-time or full-time basis. We can pick up where you need time away or handle everything for you so you can enjoy quality family time and build on your memories together.

We recognise that one of the biggest obstacles as your loved ones age is the risk of loneliness and isolation, even for couples. At Home Instead, we tackle this challenge by supporting our clients physically and mentally because a happy home is built on proactive care. The companionship element to our care provision has seen tremendous benefits in our clients living longer and fuller lives.

“…Mum and Dad have been looked after beautifully by the care team. They have had a live-in carer for nearly a year. All have been wonderful, with different strengths. Cathy is so caring and has incredible attention to detail. Spot on organising the house. She’d take Dad out every day to go blackberry and apple scrumping. Cathy was the angel who was with Mum when she passed away, and we are so grateful for her love and care.

Jacqui was fantastic at helping Dad exercise, had a great sense of humour, and was fab at house organising and taking Dad out for walks.

Melinda took over when Dad moved into Hill Brow nursing home. Luckily, she loves the outdoors, so she walked 3 miles to visit Dad and play competitive Scrabble and other games. She’s helped him settle in by introducing him to other residents. She was very accommodating as we gave her a list of jobs to fill her time whilst not having to care for Dad physically.

The back office team including Susie, Inga and Ella have been fantastic…on the ball to keep the carers supported when there’s been issues with medication or equipment. So thank you team and Mahdi for running a great care business.

Thank you from John Harvey (now 89) and his three daughters Liz, Jenny and Nicky” – Jenny, Client.

Can you get assistance with the cost of Farnham home care?

Yes! If your loved ones have less than £23,250 in assets, you can contact your local authority to apply for adult care assistance in the residence (live-in care for older people). In Farnham, your local authority is the Surrey County Council. Here is their online financial assessment form.

How do you know it's the right time for Live-in Care?

Making the decision to choose care provision is a difficult one. You feel guilty that you cannot provide total care, yet you are utterly exhausted. You may also notice your loved ones’ health and mobility declining, but they are adamant they want to stay home. According to the Office of National Statistics, that isn’t an unusual request, as 71% of us would like to reach the end of our lives at home.

If you see things declining, it is crucial to ask for what help is available. You can start by booking a no-obligation complimentary consultation with our team. We’ll provide you with our assessment report and recommendations for care provision. We’ll also be available to answer questions because we understand you’ll have lots of them.

If Mum or Dad have reservations, we’ll be there to show them that care isn’t about removing independence – far from it. Our Farnham home care is about supporting independence and building confidence around being independent.

We had an incredible story recently where a senior gentleman had been referred to us as housebound and needing help. After three months of mental and physical support from his Live-in Care Pro, they can walk together to the shops. How fantastic!

care professional hanging washing out with her client

7 Tips for families considering Live-in Care in Farnham

Here are some handy tips to help you make the most of your choices.

  1. Have conversations about care early – Explore what care could look like for both partners. A common challenge is the guilt of not being able to physically or mentally cope with caring for each other. Understanding what care could do and how it could positively impact independence and staying together will make transitions easier for everyone.

  2. Always consider space – Everyone needs space, which is valid for your loved ones as much as for your Live-In Care Pro. Find a suitable space in your home for a Live-in Carer to take a few moments. This can be particularly important when dealing with couples in care as space provides room for quality time.

  3. Remember to plan quality time – Couples crave quality time, but as we get older, that can become limited, especially if one or both are suffering from long-term illness. Always question how care assistance can provide space for quality time for your loved ones to retain their bond.

  4. Dignity and compassion – Dignity and compassion are fundamental in any care provision. That’s especially true when couples choose Live-in Care. Ensure that your care professionals and service providers consider the emotional challenges of growing older in front of your loved ones.

  5. Keep the fun – Favourite memories are built on fun, laughter and happiness. Your care provision should be about more than just the basics; it should help your loved ones maintain a sense of fun. It could be as simple as afternoon tea or playing a board game.

  6. Accepting support – There will be a time when your loved ones need more support than you can offer. That is not a failure; it is about providing trained physical and medical support. Accepting the idea of support and then the subsequent assistance is a positive thing.

  7. Getting to know your Care Pro – Always take time to get to know your Care Pro. A Live-in Caregiver will be with your loved ones part-time or full-time, so you must have a sense of who they are and how they fit into your life.
An elderly woman smiling while having a conversation with her daughter.

Contact our team at Home Instead today if you are considering Live-In Care in Farnham. We are happy to show you how we can help.