Joan Playfair's Journey with Home Instead – A Beacon of Independence and Joy in Farnborough

Join us as we celebrate one of our Home Instead Farnborough centenarians, the lovely Joan Playfair.

Joan Playfair’s 100-Year-Strong Story

In the heart of Farnborough, Home Instead has had the privilege of supporting Joan Playfair, a woman whose zest for life and community spirit shines brightly. Joan, who has lived in Farnborough for nearly two decades, represents the essence of resilience and joy that we strive to foster in all our clients.

Early Years and Adventures

Joan’s journey began in Walthamstow, London, where she was raised alongside her brothers, Jim and Robert (or Bob), in a loving family. Her early experiences, particularly during World War II, shaped her into the adaptable and spirited individual she is today.

After her school was bombed, Joan embarked on a career path that led her to work with a Doctor and later as a secretary for a Dental Surgeon, roles that fed her love for social interaction and independence.

Her life took a delightful turn when she met and married Ed in 1948, marking the beginning of many joyous years in Farnborough. Their shared love for dancing, travel, and antiques led to memorable adventures and a successful antiques business, which they ran together for 35 years.

Joan’s life story, from the challenging times of the 1920s depression to the present day, is a narrative of enduring strength and adaptability. It reflects the resilience we aim to support in all our clients at Home Instead Farnborough.

Joan Playfair's Home Instead Experience in Farnborough

Joan recognised the need for a little extra help maintaining her independence as she got older. She turned to Home Instead Farnborough. Our team, including care professionals Julie and Fran, has become an integral part of her life. 

“We make lunch, clean and help with the food shop. Joan’s daughters come as often as they can but do not live locally, so we are there to offer companionship and a friendly helping hand.” – Julie.

At Home Instead Farnborough, we focus on enabling our clients to live independently in their homes. Our services, tailored to individual needs, range from daily household tasks to providing companionship. Joan’s story is a shining example of how our approach to home care and companionship makes a real difference, especially to someone as independent as Joan.

“I love my Home Instead girls,” Joan often remarks, highlighting the deep connections she has formed. “They help me stay mobile and independent, and I consider them really good friends.”

Joan Playfair with Mahdi Kazemzadeh

Happy 100 years, Joan!

Here’s to you, Joan. Happy 100th birthday!

You bring so much joy to our team, and I love that despite the challenges of age, you always greet us with a warm smile. You are resilient and fiercely independent. You are an inspiration, and we are honoured to be a part of your story.

Happy birthday.


Team Home Instead Farnborough.

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