Brightwells Gostrey day centre

Brightwells Gostrey, much more than a day centre,
a community for the elderly in Farnham and
surrounding area

Once upon a time, in the charming town of Farnham, there was a place called Brightwells Gostrey. This special place had been serving the older members of the community for nearly 40 years, and it was known for its warm and friendly atmosphere. A long time favourite with clients of the leading Surrey and Hampshire home care provider, Home Instead Farnborough, Aldershot Fleet and Farnham.
As soon as you walked through the doors of Brightwells Gostrey, you could feel the sense of community and belonging. The staff were always welcoming and ready to help, and the members were always happy to chat and make new friends.
One of the most important things about Brightwells Gostrey was the variety of services they offered. They had door to door transport via hoppa Community Transport, which made it easy for older members of the community to get to and from the center. They also provided freshly cooked meals, which were always delicious and nutritious.
In addition to the basic necessities, Brightwells Gostrey also offered a wide range of activities to keep the members active and engaged. There were daily exercise classes, arts and crafts workshops, and games to play. The members also had the opportunity to attend lectures, go on trips, and participate in special events.
But, what made Brightwells Gostrey truly special was the sense of community and belonging that it provided. It was a place where older members of the community could come together and enjoy each other's company, and it was truly a home away from home.
If you are looking for a great social center in Farnham, look no further than Brightwells Gostrey. With its warm and friendly atmosphere, variety of services, and endless activities, it is the perfect place for older members of the community to come together, make new friends, and have fun. For more information, visit their website and for more on great home care in the Farnham area, visit