Best Home Care Services Near Farnham, Farnborough and Fleet

If you are looking for "best home care" in Farnham, Farnborough and Fleet, why not take a look at Home Instead? You will be surprised at what we offer.

Best Home Care Services: Who Is Home Instead?

With a track record of excellence, we are an award-winning care service operating in 240 territories across the UK. Our continued commitment to the best home care provision is unwavering.

We assist you in caring for your loved one at home through:

– Domestic care –

– Home care –

– Live-in care –

– Respite care –

– And Palliative care –

How Home Instead is different from other home care providers

We believe that private home care should go beyond what traditional social care can offer. That starts with building a relationship-led care plan.

What does that mean, “relationship-led care?”

When we talk about relationship-led care, we mean more than just meeting the clinical and home care needs of your loved ones. It’s about creating a team of carers who share common interests with them, fostering engagement crucial for their well-being. This personalised approach ensures that your loved ones are not just cared for but also understood and valued.

In the last 15 years, the number of people living alone above the age of 52 has soared by 50%. According toa BBC report, experts say the isolation and loneliness associated with living alone increases health risks and decreases life expectancy by as much as 26%.

You may know that social isolation and loneliness are a significant factor in conditions like depression andcognitive decline among seniors. But did you knowthey can also affect cardiovascular health and hypertension, to name a few?

At Home Instead, we stand out because we understand that the social dynamic of your loved one’s care is crucial in maintaining their happiness and health. We believe private care should provide unique social stimulation, enhancing their care experience and improving their health.

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Your Home Instead Private Home Care Options

We are very flexible in our care provision and intentionally so—not everyone’s needs or care journey is the same. Let’s take a look at your home care options with us at Home Instead.

  • Domestic Care – Provision of home help and housekeeping.
  • Home Care – Assistance at home, from medication monitoring to cooking meals and mobility care.
  • Personal Care – Personal hygiene services, including specialist services like nail care or bladder and bowel nursing.
  • Live-in Care – Providing round-the-clock care, part-time or full-time, as needs arise.
  • Condition-led Care – Specialist care for chronic and long-term conditions like Alzheimer’s and cancer or rehabilitation.
  • Palliative Care – Respectful and dignified end-of-life care.
  • Respite Care – Providing you and the family with respite services so you can return to caring for loved ones with more energy.

All of our carer professionals are trained in their field, giving you peace of mind that your loved one’s home care will align with your GP and NHS plans.

As we say, our emphasis on social enhancement is embedded into each care plan and through that provision, we hope to help lessen decline through the engaging way we carry out our services.

Home Instead care professional preparing food with client at home

Best Home Care Services: Home Instead Farnham, Farnborough and Fleet Franchise

Our Farnham, Farnborough, and Fleet care hub has an average star rating of 4.9/5 stars from over fifty-two reviews on Google, making us one of the best home care providers in the region. These positive reviews and high ratings testify to our commitment to providing excellent care, giving you and your loved ones the confidence that they are in good hands with Home Instead.

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Getting started on your care journey with us is easy. Call 01252 758 716, and we’ll arrange a home visit to discuss your needs.