Adult Learning Classes in Farnham

Continued learning in old age is a vital pursuit that fosters mental agility, boosts self-esteem, and enhances overall wellbeing.

Engaging in new knowledge and skills not only enriches lives but also promotes social connections and a sense of purpose. It empowers seniors to embrace fresh horizons and remain active participants in an ever-changing world, proving that age is no barrier to personal growth and fulfilment.

The Farnham Adult Learning Centre offers a unique blend of history and modernity. Featuring a purpose-built craft studio complete with potters’ wheels and kilns, and a spacious art and exercise studios, it beckons seniors and their families to explore an array of courses and workshops.

Pottery at The Clay College

For those seeking a creative adventure for an elderly loved one, Pottery – The Clay College offers an exciting opportunity in the form of a 4-week pottery course. Designed with experienced clay enthusiasts in mind, this course delves into the world of ceramics, making it an ideal choice for those looking to expand their skills.

Throughout the course, learners will explore essential topics such as health and safety, creating exhibition-worthy work, and experimenting with new techniques. They’ll also have the chance to engage in collaborative projects tailored to individual needs. With demonstrations, one-on-one guidance, group discussions, and critiques, this course offers a comprehensive learning journey, brought together in personalised learning plans.

For those looking to improve their pottery skills, the Clay College’s course promises an enriching adventure in the world of ceramics and a chance for seniors to reconnect with their artistic side.

Creative Writing – Beginners

Farnham Centre’s Creative Writing course for beginners is the perfect opportunity for your elderly loved one to embark on a literary journey. Whether they aspire to write short stories, novels, or other creative forms, this course is designed to cultivate writing skills and boost confidence.

Throughout the course, they’ll delve into the world of imagination, learning to develop ideas, create vivid characters, and understand the art of plot structure. In a supportive environment, they’ll share their work and provide constructive feedback to fellow learners, fostering a sense of kinship and growth.

All they need for each class is a notebook and pen or pencil to document their progress, and a desire to unleash their creativity!

Autumn-Themed Mixed Media & Collage Workshop

Embrace the colours of autumn together in a captivating one-day Mixed Media & Collage Workshop. This creative adventure invites seniors and their loved ones to explore the artistic fusion of watercolours, acrylics, inks, and collage techniques. No prior experience is necessary; just bring your enthusiasm, some resources, and an apron to protect your attire.

Guided by expert demonstrations, participants will embark on a journey to craft their own collage materials, including hand-made specialty papers, and weave them together with threads, fabrics, and their chosen medium (a list of what needs to be brought along is available online). They’ll receive personalised guidance on assembling and layering their collage to fashion a stunning autumn-themed painting, whether rooted in realism or born from pure imagination.

This workshop beckons all who wish to wield paint and collage materials to create a visual masterpiece.

Calligraphy – Festive Gothic Style Workshop

Farnham Adult Learning Centre invites all to infuse the magic of penmanship into their festive celebrations with this Gothic Style Calligraphy Workshop. The workshop provides a delightful introduction to the Gothic script – a perfect choice for crafting cards, gift tags, and other festive projects. Whether you and your loved one are beginners or have some calligraphy experience, this workshop welcomes all.

Delve into the art of the Gothic hand, an ideal choice for producing delightful seasonal cards or charming wall art. Students will use calligraphy dip pens, and learn the art of incorporating colours, layout design, and subtle gold highlights to elevate their creations. Calligraphy equipment is provided on the day, though bringing some basic essentials will be required.

Together, you can unleash your creativity and discover the artistry of Gothic calligraphy, turning every stroke into a masterpiece that adds a touch of elegance to your festive season.

Patchwork & Quilting – Festive Stars Workshop – All Abilities

Another perfect choice for a creative festive journey is the Patchwork & Quilting – Festive Stars Workshop. This workshop celebrates the timeless charm of stars, a cherished symbol of the holiday season. Whether crafting a traditional or contemporary patchwork star, the end result promises to be a heartwarming gift for a friend or a delightful treat for yourselves.

During this practical workshop, participants of all abilities can learn new skills in patchwork and quilting, revisit forgotten techniques, and enhance existing ones. The day is filled with informative demonstrations, and constructing patchwork star blocks of varying complexities, as well as learning quilting and finishing techniques that add a touch of magic. There is the option to craft individual or multiple stars, which can be incorporated into festive mats, table runners, cozy cushions, or similar items.

This practical workshop is designed to suit all: sewing novices and experienced hands of all ages, though some familiarity with fabrics and sewing machines will be useful.

With convenient access via public transport and a commitment to accessibility, the Farnham Adult Learning Centre opens doors to endless possibilities for your elderly loved one seeking engaging and enriching experiences. Embark on a learning journey together, and light up your festive season with creativity and joy!

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