Post-Hospital Care in Fareham: Home Instead’s Commitment to Local Recovery Support

Discover how Home Instead provides vital hospital to home care services in Fareham, offering tailored support for your loved ones with the ease of short-notice arrangements.

In communities across the UK, the NHS is experiencing unprecedented strain, a problem compounded by patients unable to vacate their hospital beds owing to insufficient post-discharge care at home. This bottleneck not only burdens our healthcare system but also hinders patient recovery due to delayed homecoming and continuity of care. Recognising this challenge, Home Instead can provide an indispensable service – supporting patients in their transition from hospital to home with professional, compassionate care.

Home care after hospital stay in Fareham and Gosport

Located here in Fareham, we at Home Instead are closely attuned to the needs of local residents, regularly collaborating with our local acute hospital to facilitate a smooth transition for those requiring continued care at home. For example, we recently had the privilege of assisting Jane, an 86-year-old lady who left the hospital in a fragile state. Jane’s transformation, as articulated by her daughter, is a heartfelt testament to the care we provide:

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“My mother was discharged from the hospital frail, depressed, and barely able to stand. I wasn’t hopeful for any improvement. It was clear she would now need carers, and I chose Home Instead. The best decision  I ever made, these people are the best! The change in my mother since November has been quite phenomenal. She has gained so much strength that she is now able to walk almost unaided and she is less anxious than she has been for a very long time. The most fantastic change  has been in her mood, daily conversations with her carers have made such a difference to her outlook on life and lifted her spirits enormously, she’s brighter and more cheerful and it’s all down to her care package. Impeccable care, and outstanding service!”

Lucy, daughter of client

Powerful impact of personalised home care

Stories like Jane’s are not uncommon. Take Tom, a 90-year-old gentleman living with vascular dementia. Post-hospital discharge, Tom required ongoing care, a daunting prospect for him and his family. However, the exceptional service from Home Instead Fareham and Gosport eased this transitioning stage. His daughter Leslie shares:

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“They not only provide personal care for my father but they provide emotional support  for my mother too. They found it difficult to accept the need for care but I know they could not be without them now. Their exceptional care has enabled my father to return to independence. For my family, their ongoing support is invaluable and allows us peace of mind. They are always kind, caring and positive and seem to go the  extra mile  for them.”

“We cannot thank the Care Professionals and wider-team enough. This is truly how care should be at home where they want to be”

Home Instead Fareham and Gosport

At Home Instead, we value the importance of a flexible and responsive approach. We understand that the need for care can arise unexpectedly and at less than convenient times. That’s why we offer care solutions that can often be arranged swiftly and without compromising quality or personalisation. Each individual’s well-being is at the heart of our service, ensuring each client feels comfortable, secure, and supported within their own home environment.

Our local Care Professionals are not just skilled in their roles; they are dedicated individuals determined to foster independence and boost the spirits of those they care for. Home Instead embodies a spirit of nurturing and understanding – we’re more than just a service; we’re a companion alongside you and your family’s journey.

Jane’s renewed strength and improved well being  and Tom’s regained independence are shining examples of the powerful impact of personalised in-home care. Whether it’s helping with physical rehabilitation or providing a smile and a listening ear to brighten one’s day, Home Instead Fareham and Gosport is committed to delivering impeccable care with outstanding service.

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