Home Instead Fareham & Gosport: The Age-Friendly Employer!

We have recently signed up with the Centre for Ageing Better as an Age-Friendly Employer.

Partnering with the Centre for Ageing Better, we are taking a proactive stance in improving the recruitment and retention of people over 50. Tapping into the immense talent and experience they have.

Introduction: Embracing Age-Friendly Employment

Ageism and the lack of opportunities for older individuals in the workforce have long been pressing issues. The Centre for Ageing Better, a renowned non-governmental organisation (NGO), addresses these challenges head-on by advocating for age-friendly employment practises.

Their mission aligns perfectly with our own, as we recognise the immense value that individuals over 50 bring to our team of Care Pros.

Age-Friendly Employment: Unlocking the Potential

1. Challenging Ageism and Creating Inclusive Workplaces

One of the primary goals of age-friendly employment is to challenge ageism. By promoting inclusivity and diversity, we create a positive work environment that respects the contributions of individuals of all ages. At Home Instead Fareham and Gosport, we firmly believe in the power of diverse perspectives and the enrichment they bring to our care services.

2. Improving Recruitment and Retention of People over 50

With around 9 million individuals over 50 in the UK workforce, it is crucial to recognise and address the unique needs and aspirations of this demographic.

Our partnership allows us to inform brilliant older adults looking for work, and who are passionate about providing exceptional care to older adults, that we want you on our team.

3. Leveraging the Experience and Wisdom of Older Adults

Age should never be a barrier to pursuing meaningful work. Older individuals carry a wealth of experience, knowledge, and empathy that is invaluable in the caregiving profession. By embracing age-friendly employment practises, we harness this expertise to enhance the quality of care we deliver to our clients.

Our Commitment to Age-Friendly Employment

At Home Instead Fareham and Gosport, we take great pride in our workforce composition. Over 70% of our dedicated Care Pros are over 50, with 25% aged over 60 and 11% over 65.

These statistics not only reflect our commitment to age-friendly employment but also highlight the outstanding contributions of our older team members.

Celebrating Success: Care Newcomer of the Year

In 2022, we had the pleasure of awarding our prestigious Care Newcomer of the Year Award to a remarkable individual who embodies the spirit of age-friendly employment.

At the age of 76, this exceptional Care Pro demonstrated dedication, compassion, and a genuine commitment to making a difference in the lives of older adults.

Their story serves as an inspiration to us all and reinforces our belief in the limitless potential of older individuals.

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