From Resistance to Reassurance Case Study: Stella’s Story

Building Trust for Long-term Care at Home

Introduction to Stella’s initial needs

When Stella’s daughter noticed her mother’s wellbeing and health deteriorating – neglecting medication, poor nutrition, and increasing social isolation – she contacted us at Home Instead Fareham and Gosport for support. Living alone in her family home, *Stella was initially resistant to any form of in-home support and did not recognise the concerns raised by her daughter.

Developing a personalised care plan

Understanding the sensitivity of the situation, our team at Home Instead Fareham followed a strategic care plan centred around building trust and familiarity. We introduced a small, consistent team of two Care Professionals to start with Stella. This approach focused not on immediate intervention for her known needs but more importantly in establishing a trusted relationship through visiting three times a week, with one-hour visits.

*Our client’s name has been changed for reasons of confidentiality

Gradual integration of essential home care

As the relationship between Stella and her Care Professionals strengthened, it allowed for a more profound assessment of her needs and the most tactful approach to address them. 

We successfully encouraged Stella to improve her eating habits by introducing regular, nutritious meals. The next step involved addressing her significant aversion to medication due to the difficulty she experienced swallowing pills. This aversion was not something that had previously been identified as an issue

Gradual Integration of Essential Home Care

Collaborative healthcare solutions with local professionals

In collaboration with her GP and a Consultant Geriatrician from the Older Person Mental Health Team, Stella’s regular Care Professionals transitioned all her necessary medication from tablet to liquid form. This adjustment significantly eased Stella’s anxieties about her medications and improved her adherence to her prescribed medication regime.

Enhancing personal care and social interactions

With trust firmly established, Stella’s team also encouraged her to maintain regular personal hygiene, which she had previously neglected. Regular social interactions provided by the Care Professional visits became a highlight of her day, improving her overall mood and well-being. Stella’s comfort with the team led her to increase the frequency of visits from three times a week to daily support, addressing her medication, personal care, and nutritional needs consistently.

Exceptional outcomes and family feedback

The comprehensive care and support delivered by the team at Home Instead Fareham far exceeded her family’s expectations. Stella’s quality of life improved dramatically, illustrating not only the effectiveness of a companionship-led care approach but also the transformative potential. 

This approach was not focussed on meeting Stella’s immediate needs but about building a sustainable, trust-based relationship that empowered Stella to remain comfortably in her home.

Exceptional outcomes and family feedback

Our commitment to compassionate, client-centered care

Stella’s story is a testament to the whole team at Home Instead Fareham and Gosport, and our commitment to adapting care approaches based on individual client needs and circumstances. By initially focusing on building trust rather than directly implementing standard care protocols, we laid a solid foundation that really enabled us to achieve long-term success and better outcomes for Stella. This approach allowed Stella to receive care that was not only necessary but also welcomed, making a significant difference to her quality of life and providing peace of mind to her family.

Our commitment to compassionate, client-centered care

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*Our client’s name has been changed for reasons of confidentiality