Case Study: Mental Health and Crisis Management Ruth’s Story

Discover Ruth’s story: How Home Instead Fareham adapted to her changing needs with personalised care and companionship, ensuring her well-being during a mental health crisis.

Understanding Ruth’s long-term needs

Ruth*, a retired secretary from a village near Fareham, has lived with bipolar disorder for most of her adult life. While her condition was generally managed effectively with medication, there were times when it required intensive treatment. After a severe episode necessitated a prolonged hospital stay, Ruth’s nephew sought Home Instead Fareham’s companionship support to ensure her well-being, especially given that her family lives over 100 miles away

*Our client’s name has been changed for reasons of confidentiality

Initial stability and subsequent challenges

For several years after Home Instead Fareham began providing companionship care, Ruth’s condition remained stable. However, a series of unsettling events triggered a significant impact on her daily life. Ruth began experiencing pronounced mood swings, and her ability to perform daily tasks like meal preparation, dressing, and adhering to her medication regimen deteriorated – which was particularly concerning given the critical role of medication in managing her bipolar disorder.

Initial stability

Adapting our home care to meet changing needs

Recognising the urgency of Ruth’s situation, we consulted with her nephew and promptly adjusted her care plan. Her visits were increased from three times a week to twice daily, while integrating just one additional Care Professional into her team to maintain familiarity and trust. This fast and immediate response provided Ruth with necessary support, but it became evident that the episode had taken a considerable toll on her, both mentally and physically.

Strategic intervention alongside local healthcare professionals

Given our close relationship with Ruth, we were able to secure a period of respite care at a care home for her recovery and persuaded her of the benefits of temporarily staying in a care setting that could offer more intensive support. Ruth trusted our recommendation and continued to receive our companionship visits at the residential care home, ensuring continuity in her care.

During Ruth’s stay in respite care, we collaborated closely with her GP and the Older Persons Mental Health Team to adjust her medication and provided daily updates on her progress. This teamwork was crucial in balancing her treatment and planning for her return home.

Enhanced support upon returning home

Upon returning to her home, it was clear that Ruth would need more comprehensive support than before. She agreed to our recommendation to maintain the twice-daily visits. Morning calls included assistance with personal care and medication prompts, while early evening visits focused on meal preparation and ensuring adherence to her medication regime.

Enhanced support

Responding to a new health crisis

Shortly after her return, Ruth developed a severe foot infection, requiring time-specific antibiotics four times a day. We swiftly adapted her home care plan to meet this new medical need, implementing the necessary support within just 12 hours using her existing Care Professional team who visited her at home.

Conclusion: A testament to responsive and compassionate care

Ruth’s case study exemplifies our commitment at Home Instead Fareham and Gosport to providing responsive and personalised care tailored to each client’s evolving needs. Our ability to quickly recognise and adapt care solutions during a crisis, coupled with Ruth’s trust in our judgment, has been fundamental to her continued safety and well-being. Ruth’s story showcases our dedication to ensuring that every client receives the care they need to manage both their health and crises effectively, reaffirming their confidence in choosing to remain in their own home.

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*Our client’s name has been changed for reasons of confidentiality

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