A Dementia Care Case Study: Reg and Betty's Story

Reg and Betty's story: Enhancing quality of life through consistent outstanding care at Home Instead Fareham

Reg and Betty* a couple in their early nineties from Stubbington, both diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, faced significant challenges in their daily lives. Struggling with basic activities such as meal preparation, personal hygiene, and regular medication intake, they needed structured support in the comfort of their family home. Initially, the couple’s care was inconsistent and unsatisfactory, leading their family to seek a new solution with Home Instead Fareham.

*Our clients’ names have been changed for reasons of confidentiality

Identifying initial challenges

Upon taking over their care, it became evident that several issues were impacting Reg and Betty’s quality of life. Their mealtimes were unstructured, often occurring in front of the television which led to disorganised eating habits. The carers who had been assigned to them were frequently late, lacked familiarity with their specific needs, and the visits were inconsistent, contributing to anxiety and reluctance to accept help with personal care.

Identifying Initial Challenges

Implementing a tailored, personalised care plan

Recognising the need for a drastic change, Home Instead set out to tailor a personal care plan that would address each of these issues effectively:

  • Establishing Consistency

The cornerstone of our approach was to establish a small, dedicated team of our Care Professionals who would visit three times a day at set times—9 AM, 1 PM, and 5 PM. This consistency helped reduce anxiety for Reg and Betty, as they could anticipate when the Care Professionals would arrive and what to expect from each visit.

  • Enhancing Mealtime Experience

Transitioning mealtime from the living room to the dining table, we fostered a quieter, more focused environment for Reg and Betty to enjoy their food. This not only improved their eating habits but also enhanced their interaction with each other, making meals a more pleasant and sociable part of the day.

  • Personal Care and Hygiene

To encourage acceptance of help with personal care, familiar Care Professionals were assigned to assist Betty with washing and dressing each morning, making her more comfortable and willing to engage in the routine. Similarly, a set schedule was introduced for Reg to shower twice a week, which not only improved his hygiene but his family noticed an overall improvement in his mood and appearance.

Achieving better health and wellbeing outcomes

Within just four weeks of implementing these changes, notable improvements were observed by our team and the family:

  • Regularity and Reliability: The strict adherence to scheduled call times was maintained, reducing unpredictability and easing the couple’s anxiety.
  • Quality of Interaction: Meals taken at the dining table significantly improved Reg and Betty’s quality of interaction, providing a peaceful setting that encouraged more meaningful conversations.
  • Personal Hygiene: Regular, respectful assistance with personal care improved Reg and Betty’s hygiene and overall happiness with their daily routines.
  • Enhanced Well-being: The family reported noticeable improvements in mood, social interaction, and overall well-being, highlighting the effectiveness of consistent, personalised care.
Achieving Better Health

Positive family feedback and testimonial

Three months after the initiation of our home care services, Reg and Betty’s son expressed profound gratitude towards the caregiving team, acknowledging the substantial improvement in his parents’ lives. 

“Many thanks for all your efforts with mum and dad. Please pass on our appreciation to all the ladies at the “coal-face”. They do a tremendous job in what is often difficult and trying circumstances. You have certainly changed their, and our lives for the better.”

The dedicated efforts of our Care Professionals, and office team, often in challenging circumstances, had not only enhanced the day-to-day experiences of Reg and Betty but had also significantly alleviated the family’s concerns bringing valuable peace of mind.

Our commitment to compassionate care

At Home Instead Fareham and Gosport, we are rated outstanding by the CQC and are deeply committed to enhancing the lives of our clients. Reg and Betty’s story is a testament to the positive impact that tailored, consistent care at home can have on individuals living with dementia. By understanding and addressing the unique needs of our clients, we ensure that they and their families experience improved quality of life and peace of mind.

For those considering home care options or needing specialist dementia care, contact us today at 01329 596 706 at our Fareham office for an informal conversation to explore how we can support your loved ones in a manner that respects their dignity and enhances their well-being.

*Our clients’ names have been changed for reasons of confidentiality

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Our commitment to compassionate care