Embracing Home Comforts with Live-in Care: A Personalised Touch in Fareham

When it comes to care, the familiar comforts of home can often be the most effective remedy. Home Instead in Fareham is proud to specialise in providing live-in care – a compassionate alternative to residential care, that allows an individual to stay within the sanctuary of their own home whilst receiving tailored support.

For over three years, we’ve been offering live-in care services to the local community in Fareham, Gosport and the local villages. Our live-in care clients typically discover us in two ways: either as existing clients whose care needs have evolved, necessitating more intensive support; or new clients, often referred to us by healthcare professionals or through personal recommendations.

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Live in Care in Fareham

The essence of live-in care is simple: we enable individuals to reside where they feel most comfortable and connected – their home. This not only preserves a sense of independence and familiarity but also nurtures emotional well-being. 

The journey with us at our Fareham office begins with a thorough matchmaking process, where Molly, our dedicated Recruitment Manager, collaborates with either Helen or Emma who support our current clients, or with Laura for new clientele, ensuring the selection of a suitable local Care Professional is tailored precisely to a client’s needs and personality. This thoughtful pairing is pivotal – it is about more than just fulfilling requirements, it’s about compatibility and rapport.

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Potential Live-in Care Professionals are introduced to clients and their families before commencement of care, offering a unique opportunity for personal interaction and mutual approval. This distinguishes us from numerous other care providers who might not accommodate such a personalised, matching led approach to recruitment.

The advantages of live-in care stretch beyond the essentials of daily living support. It encompasses companionship, preserving social ties, and encouragement of personal interests – aspects that contribute immensely to comprehensive well-being. Moreover, for families, there is the added factor of peace of mind, knowing their loved one is not only in safe hands but is also receiving one-to-one, holistic care which reflects their unique lifestyles and preferences.

We believe in the integrity of personal choice and dignity in all aspects of our service. By concentrating on individual needs and desires, we create a support system that doesn’t just maintain life – it enriches it. This personalised approach means that each care plan is as unique as the person it is designed for, catering to a wide spectrum of needs, from companionship and household tasks to more complex care requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does Home Instead source the right Care Professionals in Fareham and Gosport?

We have a meticulous recruitment process local to Fareham, ensuring each Care Professional is not only qualified but also a good fit in terms of personality and shared interests with the client.

Can I meet the live-in Care Professional before they start?

Absolutely. At Home Instead Fareham we encourage introductory meetings between Care Professionals and clients’ families ahead of starting live-in care with us, to foster trust and ensure a harmonious relationship from the onset.

Are your services flexible if our care needs change?

Our care plans are designed to be flexible and can be adapted to meet changing requirements, ensuring continuity of care and comfort for our clients.

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If you’re considering a compassionate approach to care that celebrates individuality and personal preference, discover more about our live-in care service or home care visits by calling our local team at our Fareham office on 01329 596 706. Interested in joining our team? Apply online for exceptional job opportunities.

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