Early intervention for better health outcomes at Home Instead Fareham

Discover how early intervention with home care services by Home Instead Fareham can avoid hospital admissions, improve health outcomes and quality of life for older adults.

By John James, Owner at Home Instead Fareham and Gosport

Here at Home Instead in Fareham, Gosport and Lee-on-Solent, we have seen first-hand that early intervention and a proactive approach can drastically improve the health of older adults living at home, through professional home care services. It’s your loved ones’ health and well-being that are at the very heart of our service and we take steps to enable better outcomes for all our clients. 

Our proactive approach to care at home

Quite simply, our proactive approach to care at home helps prevent small issues from escalating into crises. Providing home care isn’t just about physical assistance. Above all, it’s about delivering personalised attention and care, care that promotes sustained health over the longer term and also preserves dignity. Regular home care visits and checks ensure that a care plan is continuously adjusted, potential problems are addressed promptly, and local healthcare professionals are contacted when necessary. Our aim is that our clients live well at home, for longer.

Our proactive approach to care at home

The important role of our Care Professionals

Our capable Care Professionals visit clients regularly at home, or they can live in the client’s home to be on-hand throughout the day. They provide one-on-one care and companionship, building professional relationships that allow a real understanding of each person’s unique needs and what is normal for them. By supporting the same client or visiting the same clients regularly, they become adept at identifying even small changes. Any fluctuations noticed are immediately reported to our local office care support team here in Fareham, and we are dedicated to acting promptly when concerns arise about our clients’ health.

Support for families near and far

In many situations, our clients’ families aren’t local or are committed elsewhere, and that’s where we can come in with our local team covering Fareham, Gosport, Lee-on-Solent and our local villages. We can ensure that there are no delays in responding to concerns, and that any required interventions are discussed with someone thoroughly acquainted with the client’s situation and underlying health conditions.

Preventing hospital admissions: Real life examples at Home Instead Fareham and Gosport

*Our client names are removed for privacy and confidentiality

Combating Lung Infections: Client A

We significantly improved the quality of life for client A, living with Multiple Sclerosis, by preventing frequent hospitalisations due to lung infections. Collaborative measures developed with the district nurse team and Home Instead Fareham’s home care team successfully reduced infection episodes.

Managing Urinary Tract Infections: Client B

One true testament to our proactive approach is our work with client B. Susceptible to severe Urinary Tract Infections, we introduced twice-weekly checks to detect any signs of an emerging infection. A swift response reduced her hospital admissions to zero and eliminated the severe delirium associated with the infection.

Diabetes Management: Client C

Client C, living with diabetes, also reaped substantial benefits from our early intervention approach. Struggling to manage her diet and monitor her blood sugar effectively, our team at Home Instead Fareham worked with her GP and local diabetes nurse to manage these factors that were negatively impacting our clients health. Reduced workload for the nursing team, less frequent hospitalisations, and a noticeable improvement in her quality of life were the result of our joint effort.

Our commitment to outstanding care at home

At Home Instead Fareham and Gosport, nurturing an improvement in health outcomes and enhancing quality of life for older adults at home is one of our core objectives. Through our proactive approach to care at home, we aim to make this a reality for more families.

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Our commitment to outstanding care at home